WR Network Router pdf manual download. 11HAWKING Use your Web Browser to configure the Router and Wireless Access Point. It’s that easy!. Hawking Wireless-G Router Users Manual. Wireless-G Router Network Router pdf manual download. Network Router Hawking WR Specifications modem (for WAN port usage) To use the Wireless Access Point, all Wireless devices. AP Router WR Product page; Alfa Network AIP-WH (Flash: 2MB, RAM: 16MB); Belkin JTAG (manual hack method by ZFT Lab.).

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Access Control Model No.: Wireless Advanced Settings Model No: If more than one Access Point can be used, the one with the strongest signal is used.

Config File Reset Click Reset to restore to default values. Use the following procedure to configure your Browser to access the Internet via the LAN, rather than by a Dial-up connection. Appendix A Troubleshooting This Appendix covers the most likely problems and their solutions.

Package Contents Model No: Changes or modifications to this unit not expressly approved by the party responsible for compliance could void the user authority to operate the equipment. Page 52 RF Shielding Your environment may tend to block transmission between the wireless stations.

Realtek SOC

Wireless Station Configuration Wireless Station Configuration This section applies to all Wireless stations wishing to use the Wireless Router’s Ac- cess Point, regardless of the operating system which is used on the client. Appendix Atroubleshooting Model No.: The configuration program has been tested on the following browsers: Pc Configuration Reset Click Reset to restore to default values. Enter the required information for your specific security setting selection.


The Wireless Router processes the data passing through it, so it is not transparent. If you follow the suggested steps and the Wireless Router still does not function properly, contact your dealer for further advice. You should then see a screen like the following. If required, any port can be connected to another hub.

Setup Wizard Setup Wizard The Setup Wizard provides brief and basic configuration of this device, you may enter each screen to change the default settings. You should see a screen like the following: The procedure is as follows. Overview This chapter covers some common problems that may be encountered while using the Wire- less Router and some possible solutions to them. Using this is recommended. You can set up a local server with specific port number that Servers stands for the service e.

PCs on your local LAN may also require configuration.

Hawking WR254 Specifications Page 2

Check the Disable Access Point to disable the settings of this screen. Select Ethernet from the Connect via pop-up menu. Page 24 Model No.: You will have to input the corresponding key 10 digit hex key for Bit and digit hex key for Bit.

This data is useful for touter, but enabling all logs will generate a large amount of data and adversely affect performance.


Select to disable Wireless Access Control Mode. WR Advanced Administration 5.

WR Advanced Administration Click to enable log function. This also solves the problem of having a dynamic IP address. Wireless Station Configuration Model No: You can restore a previously-downloaded configuration file to the Wireless Router, by uploading it to the Wireless Router.


Applications which use non-standard connections or port numbers are normally blocked by the Firewall. You can select the Channel used. This should work with almost every application, but: Page wp Model No: Any LAN port will automatically function as an “Uplink” Mac Filtering Model No: Click on the Properties button. Page 15 Model No: This lists all defined Services. Select the network card for your LAN. Your Browser must support JavaScript.

Select the Access Control Mode from the pull-down menu. Page wr2254 Model No: The higher the number the more secure. To print the manual completely, please, download it. Configuration Via Web Model No.: System Log Model No: View the listed configuration items and click Next to continue. Comments to this Manuals Your Name. Description You may key in a description for the MAC address.