– Buy Mandrake Comics Set of 5 Digests in Bengali book online at best prices in India on Read Mandrake Comics Set of 5 Digests in. Mandrake,Phantom, Bahadur, Flash Gordon, Dara & Rip Kirby. About the rest,I read them more like a general comic-fan but I don’t miss them,to. Aantim Manav(অন্তিম মানব),originally from D(The Wonder that Amazed the World ; ),is based on a fantasy plot of a giant man.

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About that article,here I’m giving the actual texts remember one thing,that person was wrote that after his sudden discovery of a pile of Ijcs,so his statistical knowledge was not that perfect,but emotion was right from the beginning ” Return to Comics [By Shalabh Mohan] Does anyone get nostalgic about the comics of our youth?


Bought some Phantoms and Mandrakes directly from the DC office,but the new re-prints do not have the same charm of the older versions,somehow.

Friday, February 15, Comic What is your first Indrajal Comics? Posted by Bengali Indrajal Comics at 6: Why Manerake read Indrajal Comics? More books of Bengali Mandrake Comics will be uploaded soon.

Phantom-One of the very first superhero like character that I was exposed to during my childhood first through Diamond Comics and then through Indrajal.


An excellent write up for a discussion. With the concept of Comic-Con having dawned on India recently,the emergence of a comic mandtake body in our country may not be far away. Now they have completely dried up in Chennai.

Following that was Diamond Comics,sometime around Afterthe price was raised to Rs. Specially I loved how they have portrayed as mental-giants too and not any dumbs! Still missing a lot of the earlier issues. Posted by Comice Indrajal Comics at 5: Hoping that he will make a come back soon to fight the villains of the present day.

I have been feasting on these comics since last Sunday, devouring them one by one. I wish I had known if this mountain influence Lee Falk to get the idea of Walker’s table. In the other hand, a forum is kind of a platform where everyone can share their comivs from an equal position.

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Bengali Indrajal Comics No. Sunday, May 9, A tribute to Rabindranath Tagore on his th birth anniversary. Newer Post Older Post Home. More popular books of Bonoful will be upload Their meeting was quite dramatic as Bahadur had this wrong impression that Bela was faking that kidnapping story of her father and hence tried to capture her Someone try to cheat a.


It was only later I went there,during or so,and that too due to a funny incident. Thank you very much for the nice job. What have I found? Maybe we should have an authority for comic grading and for publishing comic book price guides in our country like in the US so that the prices are regulated to an extent.

Indrajal Comics (Covers in Bengali)

The ones I couldn’t quell with glares came in for some shoving and pushing from my side. He also adds, “Somebody was up there. Download or read online Bengali Mandrake Coimcs free bengali ebook free download,Download bangla ebooks,bengali ebooks free download,bangla pdf download,download pdf ebooks,bengali ebooks download,download pdf ebooks,bengali ebooks free download,bangla book free download pdf masud rana,download bangla novel ebook,Technical Books,engineering books,bengali magazine.

I have been overwhelmed before all this bookswith wonder and joy. The good old days of paying single digit prices for a mansrake of Indrajal will never come back.