By Eva Ibbotson, , European Historical Romance (Vienna, ) Magic Flutes is Ibbotson’s second novel, and showcases all of what. Summary: A story encompassing a millionaire born in dubious circumstances, a beautiful social-climbing young woman, a delightfully. Magic Flutes. Romance and intrigue make this lyrical historical adventure an unputdownable read! When a British millionaire sets out to buy a secluded fairy tale.

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From there their lives intersect at more or less regular intervals and these two individuals with such wildly different backgrounds unexpectedly become friends.

The books are imaginative and humorous, and flutess of them feature magical creatures and places. She has left home and works, incognito, in a struggling theatre company as the under wardrobe mistress. Tessa has turned her back on her past and made the opera the focus of her entire life, while Guy has all but nullified his humble origins by molding his life around the pursuit of wealth and power.

Natchez Literary and Cinema Celebration. Ibbotson wrote this book in honor of her husband who had died just before she wrote ita former naturalist. May 03, Kate Quinn rated it really liked it.

Tessa and Guy might be the leads in a Heyer romance, were it not for the fact that the subject over which they connect is discussed with such knowledge and nuance, and presupposes that one may evaluate the soul of ibbotaon based on the music they love, how they respond to it, and how they speak of it.

Their paths continue to cross though, and I loved watching them slowly fall in love, while both seeming quite oblivious to it for the longest time. However, this is strikingly similar to A Countess Below Stairs and that book has a slightly flutew appealing hero, bigger climax moment with that great line that goes something like “the ball might be for such and suchbut it was about Unsourced material may be challenged and removed.


I think we all borrow from each other as magkc. I felt like David deserved Tessa more than Guy did though, and that Guy deserved someone flutws entirely.

Views Read Edit View history. As the two characters are brought together throughout the course of the story, their relationship begins to develop beyond friendship.

Eva Ibbotson

Paperbackpages. Help Marco the Fox navigate his journey through the maze! Every single last bit of it.

She says she never wants to fall in love or marry, which makes for a good story as we watch her realize she has fallen in love and she tries magix deny that fact.

She had ibbotspn seen them so brilliant and clear. Guy worked hard to please Martha and turned his energy to his studies. That’s Guy in this book. I needed to read and learn more about the ‘star siblings’, a concept new to me and with the same leanings of soul mates. Anyway, if you are wanting a dazzling Cinderella evs story written post or pre WWII with rich details of European history then read one of these two books by Eva Ibbotson.

The ‘Other Woman’ who is always portrayed as this beautiful goddess but who is actually narcissistic as the only thing she cares about is herself and how she has ibbitson stay beautiful. Yadda, yadda, yadda, two hundred pages later, come conflicts and then the last page of the blasted book: Her book “A countess below stairs” was wonderful, I thouroughly enjoyed reading it.

They first meet at an opera performance where Tessa is working as an assistant. Tessa as a character was relatable and empowering. I feel like I am in a Bad Book Rut, I need a good book asap to restore my faith in writers everywhere!! Here our story begins. Since then, a couple of friends have read my review and expressed interest, and I found myself backtracking from Countess and recommending The Reluctant Heiress in some editions alternatively titled Magic Flutes because they would probably like it even more.


Magic Flutes / The Reluctant Heiress by Eva Ibbotson – FictionDB

I was suffering from a terrible book hangover – four DNF and one crime book I managed to read but without enjoyment. Yet somehow both characters retain an air of naturalness that makes them not only believable but actually seem to resemble people you know.

LoveReading View on Magic Flutes Romance and intrigue make this lyrical historical adventure an unputdownable read! Ibbotson had said she disliked “financial greed and a lust for power”, and often created antagonists in her books who have these characteristics. I really enjoyed this book, and would give it a nine out of ten.

After attending University in Vienna, Guy came home changed and determined to make millions. Tessa grew up in luxury; Guy had to fight to survive. I vea Tessa and Guy quite a bit. I’m not sure which is more crazy, the fact that I read this book or that I enjoyed it!

Return to Book Page. I just didn’t really care about these characters. I like the sacrifice of everything toward the greater good of music, and that Beethoven’s button business-genius. It took me about pages of reading this flutrs or scanning it to become half-way interested.