The key difference between maceration and percolation is that the maceration is the process of soaking or steeping something to make it soft. Various Methods of Extraction • Maceration • Percolation • Infusion • Decoction • Digestion; 9. Purposes of Extraction • The sole purpose of. Read 1 answer by scientists to the question asked by Mustafa Saddam on Dec 4,

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Volume of menstruum required for first maceration. Liquid Extract of Senna. When the liquid begins to drip from the bottom of the percolator, the tap fitted at its bottom is closed.

Short notes on Maceration and Decoction. Hence the inflammability of a solvent is very important from the point of view of industry. Finally sufficient purified water is added to produce the required volume.

Extra menstruum percolatikn not added to make up the required volume. After boiling, the liquid is cooled and filtered, more water is passed through the marc to produce the required volume. It is heated again in water bath to dissolve the sucrose.

All the types of maceration, whether they are chemical or biological, it involves the softening of some substance.


Infusion, Decoction, Expression, Maceration, Percolation

Examination of the extraction processes will show that all have certain stages in common:. During the percolation of rainfall, water travels through small spaces or pores between rock and soil particles along the gravitational pull. After imbibition the moistened drug anf evenly packed into the percolator. A freshly prepared decoction should only be dispensed and the same must be consumed within 24 hours.

Otherwise this may lead to variation in strength as no adjustment in volume is made. Frequent agitation is required to reduce the localized concentration around the cells and tissues.

Comparison between extraction method: Decoction is the process in which the water soluble and heat stable constituents of hard and woody crude drugs are extracted out. Mehta [Diploma – Ist year].

Difference Between Maceration and Percolation

Factors affecting the choice of extraction process. Multiple maceration process is carried out in the same way as simple maceration process, but the menstruum used is divided into two parts in double maceration process and three parts in triple maceration process. Introduction to Pharmaceutics – A.

Concentrated infusion of orange. As the volume of menstruum in the extractor increases, the level of liquid in the siphon also increases till it reaches the maximum point from where it is siphoned out into the flask.


IV Escape of the solution from the cells: After extraction the marc is expressed.

Difference Between Maceration and Percolation l Maceration vs Percolation

Sometimes special pots known as infusion pots are used for the preparation of infusions. Physical nature of the drug.

The key target of the process of maceration is to ppercolation the substance, on which liquid is applied, softer than before. Costly drugs are extracted by percolation whereas cheaper drugs may be extracted by maceration.

Difference Between Maceration and Percolation –

Just 10 to 15 minutes is required to complete the process. Write pecrolation principle, method and equipment used in the following preparations: What is Percolation 4. On further heating the menstruum vaporizes while the dissolved active constituents remain ad in the flask.

As indicated in the pharmacopoeia the process consists of the following:. Simple maceration – a process for tinctures made from organized drugs e. Furthermore, before cooking meat products, they macerate in a mixture of liquids for the purpose of marinating to make them better and enhance the taste.