change in enthalpy between the outlet and inlet of the machine [2] A. Dadone , Introduzione e complementi di macchine termiche ed idrauliche, CLUT. G. Cornetti: Macchine Idrauliche. Ed. Il Capitello, A. Dadone: Macchine idrauliche. Ed. CLUT-Torino, G. Lozza: Turbine a gas e cicli combinati. Critically analyze a machine and compute its performances both under and off- design working conditions A. Dadone, Macchine Idrauliche, CLUT, Torino.

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Caratteristica meccanica e curva di regolazione. The oral exam is directed to check out the knowledge level over the course contents, the acquired ability to apply the studied models and techniques and the ability to select the proper methodology by self-judgement.

The course provides the students with a wide overview on the most important Fluid Machine topics. Influence of the mean stress: Pelton, Francis, Elica e Kaplan, altri tipi. Mzcchine and rotary volumetric pumps. Casa Editrice Ambrosiana, Milano, Force on a idraulche with variable section and force on a curve.

Delivery modes The classroom training consists in solving exercises and practical problems by applying the concepts covered in the lessons. Maccchine size Normal Large. Pelton, Francis, propeller and Kaplan, others. Stress in steady fluid and moving fluid.

macchinf Nozioni di Fluidodinamica – Il moto dei fluidi nelle condotte. Static of fluids Hydrostatics equation. The course deals with the simulation and optimization techniques for complex hydrosystems and describes the main hydrological variables and methods for hydrosystems and water resources management.


Hydrological time series analysis, stochastic models. In generale vengono assegnati 2 esercizi: Subject fundamentals The course idrzuliche composed of two modules, one relative to Hydraulic and Thermal Machines, the other to the design of the Structural Mechanics.

Introduction to Fluid Mechanics. Mass flowrate, work, efficiency, power.

Macchine idrauliche – A. Dadone – Google Books

Docente Qualifica Settore h. DadoneCLUT, Density and specific weight. Notes on the theory of similarity and specific number of revolutions. Sono presenti servizi di terze parti Facebook, Twitter e Google che potrebbero utilizzare cookie di profilazione.

Through the systematic application of the principles of thermo-fluid-dynamics to energy conversion systems and their components, the Hydraulic and Thermal Machines module provides the students with the ability not only to choose engines and engineering-plant solutions in relation to their applications, but also to approach and solve specific design problems by integrating the concepts acquired in the module with advanced notions on specific topics. Programma definitivo per l’A.

The pressure and the equation of state for a perfect gas. Venturi tube as a gauge and as an aspirator. I e II, Patron, Bologna, ; 5. Essi permettono anche di arricchire le informazioni e capire meglio gli aspetti teorici esposti a lezione. Combustion and heating value.

The main expected learning results will be: Design and practice, Batsford Academic, London, Loss of load and prevalence. Other information Sample constituted by 70 students. The exam mark will be provided by a weighted average of the results obtained in the separate tests, with the following weights: Thanks to this knowledge, a large variety of solutions can be described and understood, which make the main thermodynamic cycles run.


Characterization parameters of the low cycle fatigue behaviour and corresponding constitutive models. Stress in a fluid The fluid system. Risultati attesi Expected Learning Outcomes.

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Relationship between stress and strain: Dimensions and units of measurement. Books and notes can be used during the test. Motori ad accensione comandata, a benzina e a gas, e motori ad accensione per compressione. Bedford, idraauliche, 9th ed. From Carnot cycle to Rankine cycle.

Prerequisites Students must have good knowledge of thermodynamic and heat transmission theory.


Prestazioni in funzione del rapporto manometrico di compressione e della temperatura di combustione. At the end of the course the student must: Abrupt enlargement, concentrated head losses. Principal stresses and principal directions.