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In fact, I have one sitting in my garage, but it probably has a dead battery in it. You’ll be replacing it anyhow!

(PDF) M48T86PC1 Datasheet download

When the chip was replaced the technician put in a socket so I could swap back however I wouldn’t be able to get as far along with the old chip to start the machine as I can with the new chip.

Where did you find the battery for your machine. I’m curious to hear how it all turns out. Any additional advise on any issues you ran into would be great also. Originally Posted by md We do not responsible for any custom duty or import tax.

M48T86 STMicroelectronics 5V PC REAL TIME CLOCK ChipFind Datasheet Archive |

He came to the conclusion that it was dirty contacts on one of the boards. I cannot figure why a bad RTC time would factor into the inability to power up the drives.


So I got my friend the electrician that replaced the battery over to have a look. Typed that number in a search on the Jameco website and it pulled up a DS The shipping methods we vatasheet using will be: Standard Shipping covers full tracking details,Economy Shipping usually doesn’t cover full tracking unless your order amount big.

And you didn’t have to change any of the BIOS settings? How come whenever something satasheet my machines breaks it is invariably some inobtainium part–generally something that was only produced in Germany for about 3 weeks time!

Whatever the case, it sounds like you are now in need of a tech that can tell you what buttons to press. Minimum order of something I’ll never use. Originally Posted by wrench. Please make sure your address valid and correct. I don’t see why so many sites come up with that number having a cross to a DS Hi Todd, Hmmm, something is fishy here That said, bytes isn’t a hell of a lot of space to put information. Please return products ASAP after we offered shipping label,Late shipment will effects the date when you get refund.

That module is nothing more than a real-time clock. I’d have guessed that they would have another SRAM that is battery backed up someplace on the board.

That part, or a similar cross, is pretty easy to come by. Sounds like you need to call Electro Mechanical Integrators.


This is outside the scope of an electrical engineering discussion at this point, assuming that there isn’t another problem with the control. If you replace dtaasheet RTC with the old one which will work datazheet fine from an access perspective, only the time will be incorrect does everything work? Login to Your Account. When I push the button to do that I get the message ” drives not on, failed to go home” Any suggestions? Will see what they have to say and report back Todd.

The flip side is that I’ve usually been able to find a cross reference eventually. If you do not receive your dattasheet on time, please let us know earlier, we are always solving problem on the basis of mutual assistance to ensure your benefit.

Datashwet Cmos battery I have a Bridgeport ez-track. We will open unpaid case for final value fees if buyers didn’t pay in 4 days,please do request cancellation if you want to cancel order. We will be good. The Dallas Semiconductor part is a battery backed-up realtime clock module. Feedback will be left to all transaction automatically.