A Simple Tutorial to Get New Users up to Speed in modo. If not, it is recommended users read up on the interface page of the documentation to get an. Explore Tanita Datsenko’s board “Luxology Modo 3D” on Pinterest. | See more ideas about Modeling, 3d tutorial and Models. It makes a lot of use of Pixar subdivision which is only available in Modo or later. Find this Pin and more on. An official video tutorials by Luxology where James Darknell xplains how to add dynamics in MODO to a car model, creating a hinge with a motor and.

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Modo Creative 3D Modeling Software | Foundry

But it doesn’t match the shape of the reference image all that closely. In modo there are implied selection, they are all covered in the modeling section of this documentation, but the most important one is that when no polygons or any geometry components for that matter are selected, then they are all considered selected, so any operation applied, applies to everything, hence why having no polygons selected when assigning the material applies to all the geometry.

Also, check that the min and max values are as shown above. I had no problems following the tutorial. To make the selection we need, first drop any existing selection first by pressing ‘Esc’. This will equalize and straighten them finishing off the mug. Solene Chan-Lam — Lead Texture Artist, MPC Foundry cover all aspects of production with a user friendly approach that allows the artist to focus on the creativity and ease any technical issues encountered.

Having some trouble adding the bevel to the mug after selecting the top loop and inner and outer base circles. Select the two edges one span away from both the top and bottom of the mug, illustrated below. You might be wondering why the inset of the bevel wasn’t used and instead replaced with a ‘Scale’. With Modo, every job you do becomes easier, as you continually develop new efficiencies.

  BS 2782-5 PDF

It runed out facetted. Press the ‘M’ key opening the ‘Set Material’ dialog. That makes the geometry for the handle. Yes, exactly, that is the step. In the top of the 3D viewport are three capsule shaped buttons though not like the regular interface buttons for tools and such.

Assign a name to the mug, adjust the color to taste and press ‘OK’. It makes sense that you would only want to edit what you see, however, this isn’t always the behavior you want because sometimes you do want to edit those unseen or rear facing polygons, so there are two distinct methods for lasso selection geometry, the rights mouse button RMB lasso selects only what is seen, and the middle mouse button MMB selects through the model.

I am impressed with modo. The arrow keys is sometimes in a cluster for all four directions, or as a toggle for the numeric keypad. Thus far, we’re gone over the Work Plane and modoo use, tool handles, some keyboard shortcuts, making selections, converting selections as well as the application of some pretty useful tools.

The handle isn’t quite as thick as these two shapes suggest, so let’s bevel them inward somewhat to make a more reasonable sized handle shape.

Users can freely tumble and zoom viewports, even when tools are active, subsequent movement of the Work Plane will not adversely affect the geometry. We want a 2mm bevel value with a ‘Round Level of ‘1’ as illustrated below.

Jodo like to say that modo has very well mixed the ease-of-use of SketchUp, and the Power of 3ds Max. If you’re using a mouse that does not have a middle mouse button or equivalent, then you will need to also switch the viewport into ‘Wireframe’ view. Toggle into ‘Polygons’ mode, and select the polygons flanking the edges you just scaled using the methods you learned above. Nearly all tools will have some type of handle specific to the function it provides.


The first action will create the ‘Falloff’ and the second deforms the model. It sounds like you might have accidentally added an additional edge, but that’s pure conjecture without seeing an image of your result.

We notice you are using an outdated version of Internet Explorer.

We want to select the entire loop, so once the initial selection is made, pressing ‘L’ again will select the connected faces in the loop, just like it did for the edges; the difference being that two polygons needed to tell modo which direction to run the loop. In order to know what particular element is being selected, modo has a function called pre-highlighting; when the mouse hovers over a particular element, its color will change indicating it is a selectable element.

It represents where actions occur in 3D space, when the user clicks in the viewport, the action originates at the intersection of the mouse click position and the Work Plane. I wish more programs Revit in particular were so well designed and thought of as modo.

modo for industrial design video course on Behance

Where things went wrong – I re-read and discovered I had not followed the instructions in the first place. Edge Bevel tool icon.

Here is what I wanted to say: Apply this operation to both sides of the handle. This Tutorial is one of the easiest tutorials I’ve read. The measurements of the mug are 90cm wide by cm tall.