Book Review — Lovely Trigger (Tristan & Danika #3) by R.K. Lilley. March 10 If you love second chance romance, this is a must-read series!. Lovely Trigger (Tristan & Danika Book 3) Kind of *spoiler* warning: I don’t say much by way of “info” in this review regarding THIS particular. I say to myself, most books have a happy ending. How on earth will Tristan ever redeem himself in Lovely Trigger? Not gonna happen in my book, on my time.

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Nov 24, Lisa rated it liked it Shelves: I went through so many emotions while reading this series and even though book 2 left me heartbroken, by triggdr end of Lovely Trigger my belief was restored and I once again felt like I could finally breathe.

Lovely Trigger

Not only read but devour them! I did the same thing Maryse!

That’s just the way it is. Because honestly, it’s so hard to come back from those horrifying events in Rock Bottom. The reality that she couldn’t have children and Tristan’s reaction broke my heart. He is obsessed with getting her back, and showing her he’s changed.


Book Review – Lovely Trigger by R.K. Lilley

I plan to read this again ttigger again. And why her husband won’t let anyone touch her?? Well I wanted that trick, but I also wanted something to go horribly wrong.

If that’s my only gripe I love Tristan and Danika! Love love love Tristan, this series is awesome! I miss you every day. They manage to recapture the magic of their early relationship where they laugh, tease and banter constantly, and I loved that! He’s lost 6 “It’s you I think about. Six years after their break up they both attend a friends wedding, and are in the wedding.

I am pretty sure I love these two crazy bastards more than James and Bianca!

Book Review – Lovely Trigger by R.K. Lilley – Maryse’s Book Blog

Tristan and Danika fell in love with a passion that was all consuming, their love was undeniable and explosive. I could smack the shit outta you. When book three picks up everyone is trying to piece their lives back together. They were meant to be together.

I trihger that it took her longer to heal emotionally because she lost so teigger because of her relationship wtih Tristan. All the wasted time that they lost is hard to handle. He knew what she needed. I’m deliriously happy that she made this into a trilogy You can feel his pain and heartache through the pages. That is just something you cannot get back. His maturity, ability to single-mindedly focus on getting Danika back was admirable.


Cavendish, maybe even more so. With everything that happened, they needed that time. Lovely Trigger is the book that restored my faith in trilogies. The cover is hot!! Danika comes to realize what Tristan has always known. I convinced myself that it had all been passion, trigge true love.

Review & Giveaway – Lovely Trigger by R.K. Liley

Fifty Shades of R View all 18 comments. She tried her best. By the time I got to the last page I can admit that I wiped away a tear and had the biggest and goofiest smile on my face.

I say to myself, most books have a happy ending. I might totally muppet arm flail and fan girl all over her. Thumbs up to R. You know that, right?