“A moving act of absolution This strong novel about a girl who is debased but never destroyed pushes the reader to a new level of understanding of the. Lovely Green Eyes by Arnost Lustig. Fifteen-year-old Hanka Kaudersová has ginger hair and clear, green eyes. When her famil. Rebecca Newman reviews Lovely Green Eyes by Arnost Lustig and War Story by Gwen Edelman.

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I understand that it was supposed to be narrated by someone who loves Skinny, but the author could have been more specific as to who was talking or what part of the story we’re in. She has to tolerate some difficult treatment by some of the German soldiers, but others treat her well. I can see the scenes that happened in Auschwitz by imagining it through the author’s words.

I feel for the girls who had to use their bodies in order to survive. Against a backdrop of Eighties New York, he recounts a series of stories to his lover, Kitty. Although Skinny hides her own feelings and doesn’t exhibit much of her own personality, I still felt an incredible sadness and sympathy for her. The clenched fist, ready to strike the enemy, was more convincing than the outpourings of all aesthetes or the books written by the hook-nosed since the beginning of time.

I made it to chapter twelve before I started skimming; there was no rising action, climax, or falling action to the story. She feels so vulnerable when nude, with the German officers especially, who could learn of her true ethnicity and execute her on the spot. After his retirement from the American University inhe became a full-time resident of Prague. I read this book for the first time while I had the privilege of taking a writing workshop led by its author.

The novel opens with a description of the brothel, and Skinny’s recurrent nightmare, returning her to the entrance to Auschwitz-Birkenau where the soldiers had instructed the women to give their children to their grandmothers and sent them away to the gas chambers. One by one, the girls disappear.

Lovely Green Eyes by Arnošt Lustig

He set his men an example by emptying several magazines himself. After the lovey of eastern European communism inhe divided his time between Prague and Washington DC, where he continued to teach at the American University.

Order our Lovely Green Eyes: One, Captain Hentschel is an art loving aristocrat who is ‘kind’ to her and seemingly oblivious to the horrors of the final solution, giving her beer and money; the other, Obersturmfuhrer Stefan Sarazin, is Nazism personified.


Hanka’s youth, confusion and guilt is all too real as she keeps asking herself if she made the right decision. At first, it is sickening to think that this child performed sexual acts for 12 to 15 men each day, let alone the etes that they arbost “the enemy,” but to be honest, after a while, the names became a blur and I imagine that is how they became to Hanka. Faced with the choice of certain death in the camp yreen working in a German military broth She has hair of ginger and lovely green eyes, and she has just been transported with her family from Terezin to Auschwitz.

This was after she had watched as her father threw h It’s difficult to say you “like” a book when it’s set during one of the darkest times in world history.

In imagining the ordeal of a young girl “who had looked on the devil 12 times a day,” Lustig has created an unforgettable character within whom “remembrance and oblivion contended,” but who lovelu summons the courage to affirm life.

The Blinding Absence of Light. His perspective on Skinny’s daily life in the brothel seem so minutely real, I had no problem imagining that this novel was the true account of a young girl’s experiences.

Lustig presents the brothel clients as fully rounded characters, both viciously prejudiced against Jews and kind to the Czech, they think girl whose body they lovsly. Skinny the nickname she earns is a Czech Jew who gets mistaken for a Gentile, and becomes a prostitute in a German field brothel.

I am not sure if this was a translation issue or something. In order to survive a 15 year old Jewish girl takes advantage of a power outage to join a group of volunteers to a field brothel.

Lovely Green Eyes: A Novel Summary & Study Guide

With a lot of the names of officers etc being written in long or multiple German words it sometimes was hard to follow which character was being spoken about also but again that can be expected when reading about the Holocaust.

Before falling asleep he relived the operation, the shots ringing in his ears – volleys, single shots – the orchestra of lovelh guns. I hate the Holocaust.

The “lovely green eyes” of the title belong to year-old Hanka “Skinny” Kaudersova, a shy, ginger-haired girl and the only member of her family to avoid death in Auschwitz. The eyes of the title belong to Skinny, a year-old Jewish girl deported to Auschwitz.

It took his breath away. Arnos Lustig was a survivor of Auschwitz and Buchenwald who in after the war who would be voice of consceince all his life, reigning from the Czech Communist Party in in protest at Czechoslovakia breaking ties with Israel and presecuting Jews in that country and leaving Czechoslovakia after the Soviet invasion of This astonishing and moving story bring to life the horrors of the Nazi holocaust and World War II written by a remarkable man who lived through them.


Open Preview See a Problem? This novel was simply told while still being moving. On two days, however, Skinny is sent an officer, rather than enlisted men.

Arnost Lustig

Aug 21, Kat rated it really liked it Shelves: Part 1 Chapter 5. Some scenes are long, which are good and seemed necessary for their intended effect.

But if I ever find I can manage such books unmediated by class, I will turn to this one. In short order, her father commits suicide, and her mother and younger brother are dispatched to the gas chambers, but 15 year old Hanka Kaudersova is still alive. She replied ‘what holocaust?

Both of these men are her enemies, both would kill her on the spot if they suspected her true ethnicity. I can see why that would be true. She must now sleep with the very soldiers and men who are persecuting her people. Her mother, father, and younger brother are sent to the gas chamber but skinny survives by claiming to be 18 and by chance being sent to an SS brothel behind the eastern front where her Aryan looks allowed her to disguise the fact she was Jewish.

Arnost Lustig – Lovely Green Eyes

When the doctor is sent to the front in disgrace, Skinny is afraid that she too will be sent to the gas chambers, so joins a group of Aryan girls in the doctor’s office who are being vetted for their suitability to work in a field brothel, rather yees in the camp.

They could not be seen, like the rats and the wolves, only heard. The meat of this lovelh comes from close up views of the Nazi mindset portrayed by two officers. Part 2 Chapter 6. Lovely Green Eyes is the story of a year-old Jewish girl, Hanka Kaudersova – known as Skinny, and the 21 days she spends as a feldhure field prostitute in the final weeks of World War II.

I thought this book was pretty good. As a novel this is flawed, not least from a p. In the morning the guards exercised in the snow without shirts, just in trousers.