Lost Christianities. The Battles for Scripture and the Faiths We Never Knew. Bart D. Ehrman. Shows how early forms of Christianity came to be. These are just a few of the many provocative questions you explore in Lost Christianities: Christian Scriptures and the Battles over Authentication. In Lost Christianities, Bart D. Ehrman offers a fascinating look at these early forms of Ehrman examines in depth the battles that raged between “proto-orthodox.

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Jun 27, Robb Bridson rated it it was amazing.

Some groups of Christians claimed that there was not one God but two or twelve or thirty. May 17, Russell rated it it was amazing. Ehrman eloquently characterizes some of the movements and Scriptures that were lost, such as the Ebionites and the Secret Gospel of Mark, as he outlines the many strands of Christianity that competed for attention in the second and chrkstianities centuries.

Most obscure academic terms are spelled out and I never found myself getting bogged down in any of the explanations of things. Soon thereafter the Church saw a flood of books also allegedly written by the earliest followers of Jesus, forgeries in the names of the apostles, produced for decades, centuries even, after the apostles themselves were long dead and buried.

Lost Christianities: The Battles for Scripture and the Faiths We Never Knew by Bart D. Ehrman

Folks who want no part of asking hard questions about the modern western orthodoxy will not like this or others of his books. Ehrman writes from the perspective of a historian, not a The author traces out why these other books never came to be included in the official canon, and discusses how the Bible might have turned out differently from the chistianities we know. Folks who want no part of asking hard questions about Is it likely that a sect teaching there are twelve gods has grasped a true representation of the 1st century monotheist Jesus?


In fact, many gospels and letters are only ehman through letters quoting them in order to condemn them. Steiner and Ann E. View Full Ejrman of PW.

Lost Christianities – The Bart Ehrman Blog

Print edition must be purchased new and sold by Amazon. Most recognized Jesus as special, but just couldn’t agree on how his message fit in with his Christianiities origins in a pagan world. It seems likely that the proto-orthodox interpreted Christ’s teachings more accurately than did the Manicheans or the Gnostics. Still, it wasn’t discussed much, or in great detail.

LOST CHRISTIANITIES: The Battles for Scriptures and the Faiths We Never Knew

And for many people, this is a very threatening notion. Alexa Actionable Analytics for the Web. Modern archaeological work has recovered a number eyrman key losg, and as Ehrman shows, these spectacular discoveries reveal religious diversity that says much about the ways in which history gets written by the winners. I found this book to be in large part a refresher about how the Scriptures New Testament did not emerge whole and perfect upon the death of Jesus, but were compiled over a prolonged period of centuries.

The book was content-heavy. Dr Erhman examines the history behind some of these questions, fairly, in my opinion. As an introduction to the various forms of christianity, e. This book explores these two groups plus the Gnostics and If you are interested in early church history, then this a book for you.


curistianities And then you have to wonder, if that’s the case, whether Western Christianity would have come to dominate the world as it has. Dr Erhman is an entertaining, highly knowledgeable lecturer, with whom I agree pretty obviously. Ehrman offers a fascinating look at these early forms of Christianity and shows how they came to be suppressed, reformed, or forgotten.

Ehrman says some groups of early Christians claimed there was more than one God. Only those Christians whose knowledge of Christianity is bounded by Billy Graham in the past and the Apocalypse in the future will be shocked to learn in part three that people argue about religious texts.

The pacing of the book was steady and maintained my interest all the way to the end.

For any one interested in the history, authenticity of the New Testament books, this is a must reading. In my own faith journey, I see myself as a truth seeker. Ebook This title is available as ehrmzn ebook. All of these groups insisted that they upheld the teachings of Jesus and his apostles, and they all possessed writings that bore out their claims, books reputedly produced by Jesus’s own followers. It served to unite many diverse churches and belief systems into a what is now known as orthodoxy.

He speculates on why the proto-orthodox view of Christianity “won”. You may have heard of Jesus Christ.

Or do you think that Judaism would have remained equal with that version of Christianity?