HYDERABAD: Lok Satta Party has promised citizen centric governance in its manifesto for the municipal elections in Andhra Pradesh. Home A manifesto is a published verbal declaration of the intentions, motives, or views of the issuer, be it an individual, group, political party or Manifestos of Indian Political Parties for Elections LS – Loksatta party, ls. Lok Satta is a political party in India, founded by Nagabhairava Jaya Prakash Narayana, India: Election Commission of India. Retrieved 9 May ^ “Lok Satta sees silent revolution”. The Hindu. ISSN X.

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Some of the important contributions of Loksatta are in following reforms:.

Welfare boards will be created for workers like masons, carpenters, electricians, mechanics, petty traders and sales staff. Lok Satta’s Petition on 2G. Civil Society and Governance. Doctors are not gods. Note on Lokpal Conduct of Legislators in the House.

Lok Satta Party

Steps will be taken to ensure there are no manfesto in power tariffs for the next five years. And we need to trade our moderate, widespread voting base for concentrated pockets of voting that will give us legislative presence. The Loksatta has drafted its manifesto not with an eye on garnering seats and votes in elections but on providing a detailed road map for facilitating development, welfare and reforms.

It rules out the Congress but names the Bharatiya Janata Party specifically as a potential partner. He wanted media to ascertain facts before rushing to publish reports that fuel hatred against politics. Fund Utilization under Constituency Development Pr It is again largely responsible for the Right to Information Act, and laws relating to constitution of the Lokpal, local courts and ensuring autonomy for cooperatives.


The Loksatta Party and the CPI today charged election officials at maifesto constituency level with creating hurdles in legitimate political campaigning by strangely interpreting the model code of conduct.

Education and healthcare in Government-run institutions are not attended to. JP said Governments might have a vested interest in postponing elections but he could not understand why even the Judiciary had been tardy in enforcing what is ordained in the Constitution.

Jayaprakash Narayan has taken serious exception to a section of the press alleging that he has spent only 20 percent of the funds allotted to him under the Constituency Development Fund. As a responsible political party, we owe it to the public to explore the potential for such an alliance or adjustment and the exercise must be performed in a sincere and honest manner. Loksatta, CPI protest curbs on campaigning.

As the Lok Satta Party is not in a position to contest all the seats now for reasons beyond its control, it has to win at least a few seats to make its voice felt in national interest by aligning with those who are committed to development.

Assistance will be provided for realizing their dream of a house of their own in the form loans at subsidized interest and sale of Government lands at cheaper rates. For the newspaper, see Loksatta. It is these clinicians and paramedics who have provided care to the needy when the state failed miserably.

The Party flag also serves as the Party logo.


The colour symbolises unity of purpose and action. Note on Lokpal and Prime Minister June Never miss a great news story! The party will ensure good education, skills and livelihood opportunities to all youth. Lok Satta to focus on local issues in municipal el With China gradually exiting from low-end manufacturing because of ageing population and increase in wages, India can grab the opportunity and become the next workshop of the world. With a per capita grant of Rs. That ensured trust between society and the profession.

Varma took part manfiesto the media conference. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Manifesto – | multiview

Peaceful life Loksatta Party believes in solution oriented politics than gimmicks to just attract people. The situation in the State now is so loksafta that a file relating to the transfer of even a primary school teacher has to be cleared by the Chief Minister.

They will be provided 25 percent concession in bus fares. Industrial units will get fast clearances. Thanks to a Lok Satta Party initiative, arrangements have been made for enrolment of all eligible students of IIIT at Basara in Nizamabad district as voters on the campus itself on March 9.

The candidates are, 1. We will not act desperate but we do reserve the right to negotiate. JP recalled he has visited the constituency more than times and ensured that development works are executed transparently.