LM/LM 5-Amp Adjustable Regulators. General Description. The LM series of adjustable 3-terminal positive voltage regulators is capable of. LM LM 5-Amp Adjustable Regulators. General Description. The LM series of adjustable 3-terminal positive voltage regulators is capable of. The LM is rated for −55˚C ≤ TJ ≤ +˚C, and the LM is rated for .. Reproduction of TI information in TI data books or data sheets is permissible only if.

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Even small datasheey can have a low enough internal series resistance to be able to deliver 20A spikes when shorted. For example, a 15V regulator with 0.

National Semiconductor – datasheet pdf

An optional output capacitor can be added to improve transient response. Ceramic capacitors are also good at high frequencies, but some types have a large decrease in capacitance at frequencies around 0. Transistor wikipedialookup. When external capacitors are used with a voltage regulator it may be necessary to use protection diodes to prevent the capacitors from discharging through low current points into the voltage regulator.

Schmitt trigger wikipedialookup. If the bypass capacitor is used, it is sometimes necessary to include protection diodes to prevent the capacitor from discharging through internal low current paths and damaging the device.


For this reason, 0.

National Semiconductor

Plan to be about 3V about the desired output voltage. This is not true of other types of positive regulators. Electrical ballast wikipedialookup. Normally, no capacitors are needed unless the device is dwtasheet far from the input filter capacitors in which case an input bypass is needed.

Resistive opto-isolator wikipedialookup. Surge protector wikipedialookup.

Ohm’s law wikipedialookup. With the TO-3 package, it is easy to minimize the resistance from the case to the set resistor, by using 2 separate leads to the case.

LMK Datasheet(PDF) – STMicroelectronics

In the LM this discharge path is through a large junction that is able to sustain 25A surge with no problem. Rectifier wikipedialookup. You don’t want to use too high an input voltage as the excess will need to be dissipated as heat through the regulator. An input bypass capacitor is recommended. Thermal runaway wikipedialookup.

Under sustained loading conditions, the current limit decreases to a safe value protecting the regulator. Thank you for your participation! Variable-frequency drive wikipedialookup. Control system ratasheetlookup. The adjustment terminal can be bypassed to ground on the LM to improve ripple rejection.

Buck converter wikipedialookup.

However, SGS-THOMSON Microelectronics assumes no responsability for the consequences of use of such information nor for any infringement of patents or other rights of third parties which may results from its use.


Created 28 July See the voltage regulator datasheets above for specific details regarding the dropout voltage and heatsink requirements. Solar micro-inverter satasheetlookup.

Where greater output current is required, the LM series regulators are suitable up to 3A and the LM series voltage regulators for up to 5A of output. Since the regulator is “floating” and sees only the input-to-output differential voltage, supplies of several hundred volts can be regulated as long as the maximum input to input differential is not exceeded. The ground of R2 can be returned near the ground of the load to provide remote ground sensing and improve load regulation.

If there is insufficient load on the output, the output will rise. Solid tantalum capacitors have low impedance even at high frequencies. Please update your bookmarks. This allows the LM to be used with heavy transient loads and speeds start-up under full-load conditions. Stray voltage wikipedialookup.