livro “Morcegos no Brasil: Biologia, Sistemática, Ecologia e Conservação” que será No Capítulo 2 estudei a evolução da α-amilase em morcegos e outros. Bem-vindos à Morcegoteca: a biblioteca virtual de ultrassons de morcegos Você também poderá baixar o livro Field Guide to Amazonian Bats onde você. Obrigado pelas excelentes discussões sobre ciência, ecologia e morcegos. . “ Escrever um livro é uma aventura. A ecologia do morcego Sturnira lilium.

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A task for two centuries? Cropland expansion changes deforestation dynamics in the southern Brazilian Amazon. Morcegos do Brasil — Guia de Campo. BiotropicaLawrence, Bats of the canopy of an Amazonian forest. To find bat records within the political boundaries of RN, we searched in regional mammal collections as primary data and specialized bibliographic reviews as secondary data. The bat had damages on the head and dorsal region, probably caused by a collision with turbine blades; however, the skull suffered no damages.

The close association of different bat species with fruits of certain plant families and genus may be related to a possible mechanism of resource partitioning that shapes the structure of the community.


The mammals of Northeastern Brazil: Biology of bats of the new world family Phyllostomatidae. Chiroptera in the state of Rio Grande do Morcegoa, northeastern Brazil. Since all of sites in Caatinga are in the NSD, our study contributes to fill the knowledge gap in this part of the ecoregion by adding 15 new localities of bat data collection in relation to the records reported by Carvalho-Neto et al.


Phyllostomidaewith the first records from Ecuador and Brazil. For instance, some of the new species records presented herein e.

Governo do Rio Grande do Norte. Finally, RN contains an important speleological heritage with the occurrence of extensive calcareous outcrops or “lajedos” that harbors numerous caves. Rarity in neotropical bats: Mammalia, Chiroptera, Phyllostomidae, Vampyrum spectrum Linnaeus, Humid tropical forest clearing from to quantified by using multitemporal and multiresolution remotely sensed data.

Ecological and Behavioral Methods for the Study of Bats. Composition, microgeographic variation, and sexual dimorphism in Caatinga and Cerrado bat communities from Northeast Brazil. MammaliaParis, 58 4: Mammal species of the world: The heterogeneity of Caatinga biome: Coordinates of localities are: Mammal Review 41 1: New genus and species of nectar-feeding bat in the tribe Lonchophyllini Phyllostomidae: Notas sobre Mollosops temminckii temminckii e Mollosops planirostris Chiroptera – Molossidae.

We dedicate this paper to Prof. Voucher specimens presented in collection livvro column correspond to the oldest specimen recorded in each locality. The specimen was identified as L.


The bat richness found in RNs’ Caatinga was higher than in the states’ Atlantic Forest, probably because of the lower number of collection sites in the latter Fig 1. Notes on a colony of Peropteryx leucoptera Emballonuridae in Brazil.

The bats of Rio Grande do Norte state, northeastern Brazil

African Zoology 38 2: Consolidating the state of knowledge: Mammals of South America – Volume 1: New bats and rodents eclogia S. Morphological phylogeny of the bat genus Platyrrhinus Saussure, Chiroptera: Micronycteris schmidtorum has a wide distribution in Brazil but records in the Caatinga are scarce Rocha et al.

Revista Brasileira de ZoologiaCuritiba, 16 4: A new free-tailed bat from the lower Amazons. A biodiversity assessment of bats Chiroptera in a tropical lowland rainforest of Central Amazonia, including methodological and conservation considerations.

Two specimens collected in different localities.

Inter-relations between frugivorous vertebrates and pioneer plants: Mammalian diversity and natural history, p. Mammalia, Chiroptera, Phyllostomidae, Lampronycteris brachyotis Dobson,