HANS H.ØRBERG. LINGVA. LATINA. PER SE ILLVSTRATA. PARS I. FAMILIA ROMANA. CAVES. AN EM. Page 2. Page 3. Page 4. Page 5. Page 6. o se y no e. Familia Romana (Lingua Latina Book 1) (English Edition) eBook: Hans H. Ørberg : : Loja Kindle. : Lingua Latina per se Illustrata, Pars I: Familia Romana (Latin Edition) () by Hans H. Ørberg and a great selection of similar New.

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I read the first 3 chapters so far I stopped at the exercises in Chapter 3. I’d recommend that those considering learning Latin should only do so after learning at least one latins more modern romance languages to a reasonable intermediate level. Leia mais Leia menos.

Return to Book Page. Good starter if you’re experienced with Indo-European language, but it can get pretty steep at the mid section, I’d suggest Wheelock’s Latin before this. You can help Wikipedia by expanding it.

Ecclesiastical Pronunciation Capitulum 7 Hans H. Thank you for your time.

How successful was it? Each chapter is divided into kingua or three lectiones lessons of a couple pages each followed by a grammar section, Linggua Latina, and three exercises or Pensa. There are close to word families covered, all used in classical Latin. I also like to just repeatedly listen to get a better feel for the language.

In the first day, I had a guy with no Latin background whatsoever reading very simple!

Since I immersed myself in writing, reading, and speaking it aloud I made a very strong connection and retained much of what I learned. I’m not sure if all these problems are due to the fact that it wasn’t actually formatted for my version of Kindle Fire 7.


Plot is ridiculous, but doesn’t need to be Shakespeare. Ecclesiastical Pronunciation Capitulum 17 Hans H. I simply cannot recommend this book highly enough! I’m reading Pars II: I’ve read through several textbooks Wheelock’s, Ecce Romani, Cambridge in search of an ideal source for my students, but was always somewhat disappointed until stumbling across Lingua Latina.

Ecclesiastical Pronunciation Capitulum 6 Hans H. The book teaches you grammar, but it’s not through memorizing the forms, but on the examples.

Hans Ørberg

For those unfamiliar, Lingua Latina contains only Latin words. But I guess that’s okay. I don’t know if it would be appropriate in a class, but for self-study I couldn’t recommend it more.

While there he created a new course in Latin: I like this method so much more than rote memorization, because unlike most courses, this book provides context for every word you learn making it easier to learn to read and write the languageand I would highly recommend it in conjunction with the online class to anyone who wants a good solid foundation in the Latin language.

The material and vocabulary base granted through this book is unparalleled by any other Latin book I have met.

Lingua Latina per se Illustrata: Pars I: Familia Romana

I cannot emphasize this enough. My first attempts at studying Latin by the “grammar translation” method met with little success, but I learned so much more with the “natural method” that Dr.

My main book will be the Cambridge series, which I love. This book is not yet featured on Listopia.

Training myself to read Latin fluently, left-to-right, as opposed to the “decoding” method instilled by grammar-heavy courses. Latinum guy Ernest Blum on the inadequacy of modern Latin teaching methods Randy Gibbon’s blog Latin by the Dowlin I have so much to say about how awesome this book is, but instead I will point you to my review of Wheelock and say that Lingua Latina is everything Wheelock is not.


Other books in the series. So there’s not a single English or German or Danish word in it, but everything is either derivable via context or by short explanations also in Latin. Take it slow, do the exercises, reread each chapter, make sure you know the grammar at each stage.

Lingua Latina per se Illustrata: Pars I: Familia Romana by Hans Henning Ørberg

This series is also my go to when I’ve spent a long time away from Latin and feel like I need a good refresher. Next, I will exhort you to check out the following resources about learning Latin, from which all my opinions are derived anyway and which is supported fully by my subjective experience: A vocabulary of almost 1, words, reinforced by constant and creatively phrased repetition, vastly expands the potential for later sight reading.

If you are a complete beginner of Latin and is looking for a complete textbook that covers everything you need with elaborate guides and explanations, this is NOT the book to use.