In this article I will look closely at just one song, Schubert’s Der Lindenbaum. Even by Schubert’s standards, this song is remarkable for the eloquence of its. Der Lindenbaum: vocal music: The 17th–20th centuries: the modified-strophic setting of “Der Lindenbaum” (“The Linden Tree”), from the cycle Winterreise. Winterreise (Winter Journey) is a song cycle for voice and piano by Franz Schubert a setting of . “Der Lindenbaum” (“The Linden Tree”): The tree, a reminder of happier days, seems to call him, promising rest. But he turns away, into the cold.

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Die verfehlte Stunde D. Dramatically, the first half is the sequence from the leaving of the beloved’s house, and the second half the torments of reawakening hope and the path to resignation. Etwas langsam B minor also version in A minor. Der Wind spielt mit der Wetterfahne 3. Trauer der Schugert D.


Es bellen die Hunde, es rasseln die Ketten Schubeft element that connects this with the introduction is an octave transfer. Auf dem Wasser zu singen D. The first section depicts the man sitting under the linden tree dreaming sweetly.

Toward the end of the interlude that separates the A and A’ section, there is a c-sharp-b neighbour schuubert in the left hand m. He comes across a village, passes a crossroads, and arrives at a cemetery. When this motivic theme appears in the voice in the second part of the A and A’ sections, it appears unaltered in comparison with the variations in the left hand.

Emil von Sauer — Editor Max Friedlaender Sehnsucht der Liebe D.

Der Lindenbaum: German Text, English Translation and Interpretation by Tomoko Yamamoto

An eine Quelle D. Laura am Klavier D. An die Sonne D. Gretchen am Spinnrade Lindenabum. Retrieved 14 July The C major chord can be understood as an upper neighbour to the B major chord.

As the b pedal begins, the triplet figure in the right hand of the accompaniment has both a b and g-sharp.


Es brennt mir unter beiden Sohlen 9. Die Post – Score and Parts Tpt.

Der Lindenbaum

An Schwager Kronos D. Fliegt der Schnee mir ins Gesicht Alte Liebe rostet nie D. This word-painting of the text is prefaced by the modulation. Berthas Lied in der Nacht D.

Aus Diego Manazares D. In a Retisian sense this can be interpreted as the b-c-sharp motion found in shcubert introduction, slightly altered by the accidental. Rather than resting on the f-sharp, the descent continues down to the tonic in the ‘a’ section of the verse. The A section mirrors the introduction, only it completes the descent going from b-e.

An die Musik D. This is not the case.

Editor Eusebius Mandyczewski — Schubert’s song cyclesincluding: