Prosas profanas. Rubén Darío, poeta nicaragüense, máximo representante del modernismo literario en lengua española () Este libro electrónico. The Project Gutenberg EBook of Prosas Profanas, by Rubén Darío This eBook is for the Title: Prosas Profanas Volumen II de las Obras Completas Author: Rubén Darío [1] Para el libro En tropel, del poeta español Salvador Rueda, : Prosas Profanas: Raro ejemplar. Muy buen estado Prosas Profanas. Darío, Rubén About the Seller. From Cueva Libros – Alberto F. Costa.

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He rarely spoke with his mother, who lived in Honduras, or with his father, who he referred to as “Uncle Manuel”.

Prosas profanas

After ending his journey due to the end of his contract with the Guido lubro, he returned to Paris and ininvited by Joan Sureda, he traveled to Mallorca and found quarters at the Carthusian monastery of Valldemosa, where many decades into the past figures such as Chopin and George Sand had resided.

Retrieved 20 July English Wikisource has original text related to this article: One could say that that was the first thunder of the revolution that brought the dethronement. Spanish themes are well represented in his work, already in Prosas profanas and, specially, after his second trip to Spain, in For the first time in thirty three years of absolute control, the house of the old Caesarean emperor had been stoned.

In the first of these works his readings of Spanish classics is patent, as is the stamp of Victor Hugo. There, he met the Salvadoran poet Francisco Gavidiaa profaas of French poetry.


In March he was appointed as consul by Nicaragua.

After giving birth she traveled to Paris to reunite with him, leaving the baby girl in the care of her grandparents. In the first place, the romanticsparticularly Victor Hugo.

At this point, his alcoholism caused him frequent health problems and psychological crises. The funeral lasted several days, and he was interred in the city’s cathedral on February 13,at the base of the statue of Saint Paul near the chancel under a lion made of marble by the sculptor Jorge Navas Cordonero.

Spanish Wikisource has original text related to this article: The marriage deteriorated again to the point where Rosa left her husband and moved in with her aunt, Bernarda Sarmiento. Inhe went to Spain as a member of a committee named by the Nicaraguan government whose task was to resolve a territorial dispute with Honduras.

Del Neoclasicismo al Modernismo. His mother, Rosa Sarmiento, died on May 3, It was in this island where Ruben began writing the novel El oro de Mallorcawhich was a fictionalization of his autobiography. The predominance of French culture is more than evident.

Rubén Darío

The final defining element of Darianian aesthetic is his admiration towards the symbolistsespecially Paul Verlaine. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. On recuperating, he returned to Paris, but he was unable to reach an agreement with his wife, so he decided to return to Nicaragua to present his case in court. He knows the poet’s spineless character, and the state of apathy to which he is reduced under the influence of alcohol.


se In December he headed back to Barcelona, where he lodged at General Zelaya’s house. Y en mi interior: A little after sending his first article to La Nacionhe set off on a trip back to Nicaragua. Acereda, Alberto and Rigoberto Guevara.

Rubén Darío – Wikipedia

Archived from the original on 29 November Archived from the original on 16 September Los rarosa collection of articles about the writers that most interested him, and second, Prosas profanas y otros poemasthe book that established the most definite consecration of Spanish literary modernism. Inhe left his family in Costa Rica, and traveled to Guatemala and Nicaragua, in search for better economic prospects.

Around December he moved to the capital, Managuaat the request of some liberal politicians that had conceived the idea that, given his gift for poetry, he should be educated in Europe at the expense of the public treasury. In May he was condemned for vagrancy and sentenced to eight days of public work, although he managed to evade the fulfillment of the sentence.

The second poem below was directed at then president of the United States, Theodore Roosevelt: The metric is classic [20] and the tone is predominantly romantic.