Liber V vel Reguli – the “Book of the Princes” or “The Ritual of the Mark of the Beast” – is, in Crowley’s words, “an incantation proper to invoke. Posts about liber v vel reguli written by IAO –Liber Liberi vel Lapidus Lazuli sub figura VII, III If one persists in the work of the first. It concerns Liber V vel Reguli: 11/ The article examines the.

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December 2, at 5: To set up expectations as to what Illumination or Knowledge and Conversation may entail is, in a sense, an impediment to being open and surrendering to what truly is. This idea really does turn the Old Aeon on its head. I remember thinking at the time “Ah, the IRA bombing campaign has started early this year”, then saw that a car in front of me had burst into flames from under its engine bonnet.

Eleven invocations in total, thus is it named The Elevenfold Libeer.

Astral blue pentagrams in the LBRP. Note that this Ritual is not specifically assigned anywhere in the A.

On Liber V vel Reguli

So hold it in your hand…] You must be logged-in to reply to this topic. Remember me on this computer. I remember thinking at the time “Ah, the IRA bombing campaign has started early this year”, then saw that a car in front of me gel burst into flames from under its engine bonnet. The Ordeal of this Grade is a crucial one, known as the Crossing of the Abyss, and it will be discussed in the next section as the prelude to the third and final Grade or Stage of the Mystic Path.


In respect of the said answer from you, I am interested in an article from that you published on your blog, titled Fundamentalist…Materialism?

Liber V vel Reguli Commented | Rodney Orpheus

The relevant paragraphs from the essay are as follows: Let him lower the wand, striking the Earth therewith. Mon Dec 15, 2: Regulus is further one of the principal Watcher stars from which the Hebrews derived their Archangels. The proclamations given are themselves interesting when regulo at closely, particularly the last two lines. People may feel free to comment here or on the blog, if they so wish.

Donations Membership is free and always will be, but if you like this site, want to keep it free, and can afford to donate towards its running costs, please consider donating. LA is Naught, and the Universe in that phase, with its potentialities of manifestation Cf. The presence of the number 3 brings to mind the Trident, as a high Magickal Weapon symbolizing the resolution of duality into a unity.

Notes on Liber V vel Reguli | Paul Thomas –

My ecstasy deguli in yours. As to why its used – “an incantation proper to invoke the energies of the aeon of Horus” I find it a very powerful ritual. Magick Ritual Works of Aleister Crowley. You are invoking the path that the motion of your Will produces, the direction that your star takes through the material universe, enjoying its fruits.

Note that the symbol of Ra-Hoor-Khuit is a downward pointing red triangle of fire. Let him proceed as before; then in the East, let him make the Averse Pentagram that invoketh Earth Taurus. When taken with the above discourse on the knocks, we can see the numbers 3, 6, and 9, by adding each 3 to the one before it in the sequence. The hands, with clenched finger and thumbs thrust out forwards, are held to the temples; the head is then bowed and pushed out, as if to symbolize the butting of an horned beast attitude of Pan, Bacchus, etc.


Repeat the Hierophantic Cross to close the ritual.

Feet are a little over shoulder width apart, facing forward. You should lose yourself in a spirit of wild abandon as you twirl through the elements of existence.

It is helpful to remember that this is only the middle pylon along the Path, and that the true Unitive Life has still not been achieved.

Let him break into the dance, tracing a centripetal spiral widdershins, enriched by revolutions upon his axis as he passeth each Quarter, until he come to the centre of the Circle. Because many of these by-products of Illumination are overwhelming and enrapturing, the Mystic is liable think that this is the end of the Path. We are declaring the Earth as our mother with the Sky as Her Child. The connections within this ritual demonstrate themselves when one observes lober there are five Words of Power invoked.