Ley de contrato de trabajo, 20, Texto ordenado por decreto /76 y modificaciones (Spanish Edition) (Spanish) Paperback – by Argentina ( Author). Get this from a library! Ley de contrato de trabajo: [Ley que modifica la Ley ], con las modificaciones que sancionó el Gobierno Nacional y texto. Ley de Contrato de Trabajo Contrato por Tiempo Indeterminado Contrato a Plazo Fijo Contrato de Temporada Contrato a Tiempo.

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During this time, either party may terminate the employment contract leey justification and without liability for indemnification. Collective agreement shall be submitted to the Ministry of Labour for approval homlogation.

National Wage Council Consejo del Salario. In establishments with more than one shift, there will be will be a delegates in turn, at least.

Argentina – 2015

In Argentina, there is a legal preference for contracts of unspecified duration or “indeterminate contracts” art. Approval by workers’ representatives: The clauses of the collective agreement aimed to encourage the action of associations of workers in defense of professional interests that modify provisions of the labour law provided that they do not affect standards laid down in protection of the general interest will also be valid.

The trade union association recognized as most representative within its territory and profession must meet the following requirements: The responsibilities of the Minimum Wage Council are: Yes Valid reasons for FTC use: The parties are obliged to negotiate in good faith. Notification to the worker to be dismissed: A worker is any person who undertakes or provide services under a contract of employment.


Wage negotiations or those relating to economic conditions of the work performed, shall be subject to the rules set forth by the budget law and the guidelines that determined its construction. Therefore, although it is possible for a number of unions to be filed and registered in the Ministry of Labour, only one may have trade union personality. Law on Trade Union Associations 4.

However, the Penal Code states that it shall be punishable with imprisonment from one month to one year for a worker who has contrto violence against another to compel him to take part in a strike.

Therefore, in order to have bargaining rights, the tragajo representativity requirements in Article 25 must be met see point 5. This protection will cease for those workers whose candidature is not officialised in accordance with the applicable electoral process from the moment in which such circumstance is certainly determined.

The Chairman of the Council is appointed by the Ministry of Labour and Social Security and the mandate lasts four years.

As there may only be one trade union with trade union status at each bargaining level, the general representativity provisions apply:. The decisions are adopted by the Council with the majority of two thirds. Notification to the public administration: Employees’ representatives may be elected under the following conditions: Economic and Social Council of Argentina Description: Fixed-term contracts or “determinate contracts” are employment contracts for specified periods of time where the contract duration is expressly written into the contract art.

No restriction found in legislation. If during a labour dispute either party decides to take legitimate direct action that affects activities that may be considered essential services, they should ensure the provision of minimum services to prevent any disruption of such activities.


The Council has four permanent committeesnamely: Conflicts of interest are within the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Labour and Social Security. The National Constitution of Argentina enshrines the following rights:.

Where the other party cnotrato the termination, no changes on the grounds indicated in the notice are permitted art. Notification to workers’ representatives: The main responsibilities of the Council are: Social partners that are signatory to the agreement initiate the process. Their statutes must ensure: An employer trabano the natural or legal person or group of them, with or without legal personality, who requires the services of a worker.

ILO is a specialized agency of the United Nations.

Employment protection legislation database – EPLex

The enforcement authority shall be empowered to order the holding of ed if deemed necessary to reach an agreement. The minimum wage is officially recognized as provided by art. No Approval by workers’ representatives: Health and hospital services; production and distribution of drinking water; electricity and gas; and air traffic control are considered as essential services.

The reasons for refusing a worker from affiliating to a trade union are: Excluded from the application of the rules on joining trade unions and concluding collective agreements for state workers are: If no agreement is reached, or if the agreement is not officially registered, the dismissal can take place. Trade Union activities in the bargaining units