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Decreto Supremo de 24 de mayo de elevado a ley el 8 de diciembre de por el de 2 de agosto de , ley general de higiene, seguridad . Se exceptúan del período de prueba previsto en el artículo 13 de la ley general del trabajo de 2 de agosto de , ley general de higiene, seguridad. General Labour Act (Ley General del Trabajo), of 8 December , published by . 16, on hygiene, occupational safety and wellbeing §8.

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Act of December 23 166998 amend and supplement the Civil Procedure Act. Bolivia, Estado Plurinacional de – – Ley.

Lista valorativa de incapacidades Lista valorativa de lesiones que dan lugar a incapacidad permanente parcial, por accidente de trabajo o enfermedad profesional. One hundred percent of minimum wage plus seventy percent of the difference between minimum wage and regular earnings.

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Decreto Supremo de 24 de mayo de elevado a ley el 8 de diciembre de por el que se dicta la Ley General del Trabajo. Defines general strategic aims and directions for training and education, role of institutional structures, including the Ministry of Education, lifelong learning, and labour market. Penal procedure Chapter IV: Bosnia y Herzegovina – – Ley Act of 26 January on the hotel and restaurant sector. Determines basic ly of consumers of goods and services, protection of safety of life and 1699 of consumers, responsibility and guarantee for goods and services, services of general economic interests, penal provisions and supervision and other relevant questions.

Act of 10 April on Citizenship of Republic of Srpska. Amends inter alia article 17 on registration criteria, articles 19, 21 and 26 on electronic application for registration of activity, article 35 on register of entrepreneurs, and article 55 on fines.

Supplements article 28 with 28a on electronic health insurance card, and article 43 with provisions on integrated information system in the domain of health. Act of 23 December on war veterans, war disabled and members of families of soldiers killed in the war to defend the homeland.


Act of 17 September to amend and supplement the Leey on protection against family violence. Bosnia y Herzegovina – – Ley Act of 21 December on protection against noise.

Determines definitions of voluntary work, conditions, principles, support measures, reports, contracts, rights and obligations, organization of volunteering, reporting, supervision and penal provisions. Amends inter alia article 17 on registration criteria, articles 19, 21 and 26 on electronic application for registration of activity, article 35 on register of entrepreneurs, and article 55 on fines. Regulations of 23 September on conditions and procedures for the entry and stay of foreigners Text No.

We update the database regularly but are unable to guarantee that the laws it contains are always complete, accurate and the most recent version. Amends inter alia article 99 on fiscal and financial offences, article on costs of proceedings, article on legal qualifications, article on court procedure, article on fines. Regulates measures for financial support, models, sources of support, selection of priorities, beneficiaries, means of realization of support, supervision and implementation, and penal provisions.

Bosnia y Herzegovina – – Reglamento, Decreto, Orden, Ordenanza Regulations of 3 August on medical supervision of person subject to ionizing radiation at work. Contains a number of amendments, including article 41 on types of punishment, article 43 on prison service, article 54 1 on trial for several criminal offences, and article 76 on security measures.

Justia Perú :: Federales > Leyes > :: Ley de Perú

Employers of women and minors shall adopt safety measures to guarantee their health and comfort at workplace. Act of 27 February on Police Personnel. General provisions Chapter II: Regulations of 15 November on official secrecy of police employees Text No. Act of 15 July to amend and supplement the Act on higher education.


Act of 3 October on Voluntary Work. Contains, inter alia, provisions on political dialogue, regional cooperation, free movement of goods, agriculture and fisheries, free movement of labour, services and capital, legal harmonization and competition rules, rule of law and migration control, and financial cooperation. Labour Code of 29 December of the Republika Srpska.

Amends article 18 on duties of prosecutor, article 85 on investigation procedure, article on Council. Act of 6 August on Offences.

Bolivia – Maternity protection – 2011

Chapter VII 169988 remain in force until the entry into force of the law governing the field of asylum. Act of 18 July to amend the Act on Crafts and Entrepreneurship. Determines conditions, means and procedure for determining the status and rights of veterans, war disabled and family members of killed soldiers, procedure for obtaining financial support, and other questions relevant for obtaining rights.

The Code regulates the conclusion and termination of employment contracts, working time, wages, the rights and obligations arising from employment, conclusion of collective agreements, the peaceful settlement of collective labor disputes and other issues arising from employment.

Act of 25 November on civil servants Official Gazette No. Amends, inter alia, article 21 on duties of public servants, article 22 on conflict of interest, article 26 on mandates, article 38 on employment selection, articles 40 and 44 on public contests, and articles 62 and 63 on vocational training. Contains provisions on the court’s functions, authority as defined by the Penal Code, and composition.

Strategy of 11 April on the development of vocational education and training for the period Text No.