The Knowledge has ratings and reviews. Brendon Lewis Dartnell here offers technical knowledge, but he limits it to knowledge useful for “peaceful . Apr 3, Lewis Dartnell offers vital tips for those who manage to survive Armageddon, in his cunningly packaged history of practical ideas. By Steven. The Knowledge: How to Rebuild Our World from Scratch is a book written by astrobiologist Lewis Dartnell. The book is written as a quick-start guide to restarting.

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The Knowledge: How to Rebuild Our World from Scratch by Lewis Dartnell, review – Telegraph

Forget what the preppers might tell you — just packing a few years supply of canned goods and stockpile of guns and ammo isn’t going to help much. Jul 21, Ed Terrell rated it liked it Shelves: On the flipside, how do you get everyone to contribute when lots of people will want to free ride without contributing to the survival of the group? Jul 08, Peter Mcloughlin rated it really liked it Shelves: Loading comments… Trouble loading? Full disclosure, I received an advance copy of this book through a GoodReads contest.

This is a very informative book with a lot of fascinating detail. Still, I knowlledge read a sequel to this if it existed.

Order by newest oldest recommendations. Mar 30, Charles rated it liked it. Imagine that almost everyone died but, at least initially, the infrastructure of the modern world is not destroyed. What standard of living should I shoot for?


In the fascinating chapter on substances, for instance, Dartnell talks about the uses of wood. Amazon Inspire Digital Educational Resources. Meanwhile, apparently no one thought of buttons for clothes until medieval times; and everything necessary for the invention of photography, Dartnell says, was available in the 16th century: Similarly, cement is something I rarely think about.

The Knowledge by Lewis Dartnell | : Books

The second somebody starts describing the details of chemistry or engineering I just kind of tune out. And without industrial-scale nitrogen synthesis, we simply couldn’t grow enough food to support the world’s present population. I’m not sure that this would actually help rebuild or save any future society all that much, but it’s an interesting framing device by which one can look at how various things work and worked in the past.

From farming, through the making of clothes to navigation and time-keeping. Accessibility links Skip to article Skip to navigation. Most of my finished books get passed on, but I think I’ll be holding on to this one for a while. Published April 17th by Penguin Books first published April Well written and fascinating. His ability to refine a concept down to one or two sentences that manages to convey exactly how a thing works and why it does what it does is astounding.

Mechanisms and Devices Dover Science Books.

The Knowledge: How to Rebuild Our World from Scratch – review

If you’re interested in the history of civilization and technology, this is for you. Worth reading, and worth keeping somewhere safe, where the looters suvivors dattnell find it: It’s obvious that Lewis has thought extensively on this also. The first part gives tips on how scavenge from the old world as it crumbles away and progresses on to tell you how to restart agriculture, relearn metallurgy, learn how to make simple machines and equipment, begin to provide medicine, start producing power.


Lewis’ writing dartnll succinct,accurate and informative.

And despite approaching this work with complete skepticism, I come out the other side amazed and completely humbled by this work and it’s author. The trick for the author, then, is to find a conceit that lets him or her write knowlfdge the science of everyday life.

What crucial knowledge would they need to survive in the immediate aftermath and to rebuild civilization as quickly as possible—a guide for rebooting the world?

Real life is not a young adult fantasy novel although if you want to write one, this might not be a bad guide to lending it some realism. Dartnell’s final chapter was the most interesting. Will all of the land be equally accessible and free from contamination?

The Knowledge: How to Rebuild Our World from Scratch

The introduction does speculate a little about different types of apocalypse, but settles on a viral pandemic as our final foe. Science and nature books reviews.

He doesn’t spend too much time on the details, but he imagines a complete societal collapse.