La leptospirosis canina es una enfermedad que clínicamente puede presentar curso sobreagudo, agudo o crónico. Es de difícil diagnóstico por la gran variedad . The prevalence of leptospirosis in dogs indicates that the disease is present .. Caballero A. Leptospirosis canina y su relación con el hombre. INFORME BREVE. Genotypes of Leptospira spp. strains isolated from dogs in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Genotipos de cepas de Leptospira spp. aisladas de.

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For pathogenic strains, about 24 cxnina have been described Picardeau Serovar-specific prevalence and risk factors for leptospirosis among dogs: Table 4 shows the results of some cross-sectional studies of Leptospira infection in felines worldwide.

Vet Res 38, An increase in serum creatine kinase activity may also be present, presumably due to myositis Sykes et al PCR tends to replace serological methods because of its sensitivity and capacity to give an early diagnosis of leptospirosis Picardeau Coughing and dyspnoea may also occur with conjunctivitis, rhinitis and tonsilitis. Young animals could be more vulnerable to the disease as they are reported to be more seriously affected than adults Bolin For example in USA, a group of dogs with suspected infection with serovar Pomona diagnosed with the MAT Microscopic Agglutination Test were more likely to suffer from vomiting, trombocytopenia, azotemia and hyperphosphatemia than dogs infected with other serogroup.


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In domestic dogs, leptospirosis is recognised as an important and severe infectious disease. The genus includes a large number of serovars that may be sheed in the urine of infected animals creating a highly infectious source of transmission. Clin Vaccine Canuna 14, In arid areas or during drought conditions, infections in incidental hosts are more common around water sources Langston and Heuter Studies have suggested some correlation between clinical aspects of the disease and the infecting serovar.

Clinical leptospirosis in three cats Rio de Janeiro BR: Ann NY Acad Sci. Contact with urine and other body fluids from infected animals or animals with a high index of suspicion of leptospirosis should oeptospirosis avoided through the use of gloves. Therefore, PCR appears to have more applicability in defining potential zoonotic risk of leptospirosis.

Serological survey for antibodies to Leptospira in dogs and raccoons in Washington State. The survival of leptospires for several days in murine renal tissue may indicate that felines that hunt mice could have a high risk of exposure to infection.

Clustering of reported cases of leptospirosis among dogs in the United States and Canada. Langston C, K Heuter.

However, due to the lack of visible symptomatic manifestations and the relatively long leptospiuria even with the presence of high antibody titres, domestic cats should be considered as a potential source of infection for humans and other domestic animals Larsson et al Health Science Journal 2, J Vet Med Sci 71, Guidelines to prevention and control of leptospirosis.


Vet Microbiol For this reason, dog owners should be aware that their pets may not be fully protected because serovars that cause the disease may vary temporally and geographically Guerra J Biosci 33, Detection and quantification of leptospires in urine of dogs: Int J Vet Res 5, Consequently, this method is not useful for early diagnosis Sykes et al Use of case-control study and geographic information systems to determinate environmental and demographic risk factors for canine leptospirosis.

J Am Vet Med Asosc.

Canine leptospirosis, United States, Also, immunocompromised humans should be referred to their medical practitioner for advice about the disease Sykes et al An individual may act as primary reservoir for one serovar but incidental host for others Levett Anaphylactic reactions manifested as facial edema, pruritus, hypotension or dyspnea could occur with Leptospira vaccines, especially in small breed dogs, such as miniature dachshunds Sessions and Greene a.

The disease can be fatal for some dogs, but many cases are thought to be subclinical Iwamoto et al Acha P, Szyfres B eds.