Leica Survey Office PC software package. For TPS plus instruments an . TCR and TCRA version also use a TCx/ Leica TCRA plus Total Station Condition: used, very good and perfect working condition. Specifications: • Angle accuracy: “(mgon). Leica TCRA Plus Robotic Total Station –

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Again its seems in your post that they met you when you wanted and explained in detail what the issue was with the instrument. I asked what time they opened up the show there, he said 6 AM, I asked what would happen if I was sitting on their door step at 6 AM the next day.

One catch the board was a new design and slightly different in size, so it would not fit in my instrument unless the board it was piggy backed on was replaced by a newer board also. Now, the vertical circle will not track as the scope is plunged.

That is the little motor sound you get when you use the regular EDM. The economy is bad but repairs and new equipment still cost money. So the TPS Plus was out of production in Rcra reply with another post and explain how long a electronic piece of equipment that is constantly exposed to harsh working conditions is suppose to last without expecting a repair.

May 8, 2: They told me that a module was bad that has something that might be considered a variable density filter was not functioning.

Leica TCRA 3″ Reflectorless Robotic Total Station

Forum contains no unread posts Forum contains unread posts Mark all read. The repair shop opens at six, they were not there at my behest. Personally I would find a 16 hour drive to get my instrument repaired a “tale of woe” as Jerry did May 9, The job site was about 40 miles distant, you guys out west that is just next door but to us east coasters it’s a long drive. I called the repair supervisor at Allen Precision, he told me to box it up and send it in and in a couple of pls he might be able to get on the job.


We have one of those same Leica guns and it has started giving us problems too.

This post was to explain to Mr Karoly exactly what he could expect if repair was opted. Work of the hardest kind. That was installed, takes ages and ages to install due to serial installation, took over two hours to install. Instead of waiting a couple of weeks, I opted to make the drive, I’ll do leifa again if the situation arises that making the drive will save me two weeks waiting.

I didn’t read your post as a complaint.

My shot was probably about lecia, it suggested lower the light or use a longer distance, neither was practical. I think APE deserves postive recognition from you for their efforts. RPLS Today is a peer-to-peer platform providing news, information, and community-based support for Land Surveyors and Geomatics Professionals all over the world.

Leica TCRA 1103 Reflectorless Total Station

I usually ignore post like this but I cannot help but to reply because of the way the post was written and that I know the people at APE and Leica personally. Got there a bit after 11 PM drove over to Allen Precision to make sure that I would have no trouble 110 the place.


Good grief, I have read over my original post and can see no plis in the worst reading I can make of the post do I see any complaint about Leica and Allen Precision.

There is a “hold” or “free” setting on the vertical angle, will hold the display after a distance measurement until stored or shot again. He said he reckoned he would have to do something about the instrument. Based on your experience I leca use these folks to fix an instrument if I was in that area. Rocky Mount, North Carolina.

They were not your original dealer but were willing and able to service you when you asked.

Leica Tcra

Perhaps the use of terms differ in meaning in the readers part of the country. Does not sound like this is the issue but thought I lleica throw it out. If anything, I saw it as good advertising that APE got right on it and eventually made it work before Jerry headed back to NC, that Leica was able to supply parts for the old machine to get it to work, and that APE and Leica were able to work together effectively in a short time frame to make it happen.