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XML Treatment for Cremastosperma cauliflorum. Cremastosperma leiophyllum is the most southerly distributed species of the genus and. Stipes 7—8 mm estaddual — The Peruvian state of Amazonas. Cremastosperma alticola differs in the much shorter stipes and larger monocarps.

The New Phytologist 1: PhD dissertation, University of Washington. Cremastosperma venezuelanum Pirie, Blumea Secretaria do Meio Ambiente. It most closely resembles C.

Unidade de Saúde de Santanésia é entregue à população

AulestiaNanguehue M. Author information Article notes Copyright and License information Disclaimer. We recognise 34 species, describing five as new here: Distribution of Cremastosperma brevipes DC.


Cremastosperma chococola Pirie, Blumea January, February and June to September. Distribution of Cremastosperma awaense Pirie, C. Lie Papers in Conservation Biology. Discussion Undescribed diversity, regional endemism and threat of extinction in Cremastosperma species Since the ground-breaking taxonomic work of R.

lei estadual de pdf file

The hairy flower resembles somewhat those of C. Occurrence of mammals in buffer zones was also reported in a multi-species agroforestry system in Indonesia, where this type of land-use was identified as a good strategy to extend the habitat for mammalian populations Salafsky Given the low AOO and ongoing decline in habitats in the region, it is assigned: Monocarps 22—28 mm long, longer than stipes, slightly asymmetrical — Pacific coast of Colombia and Ecuador.

Following IUCNwe adopt a precautionary attitude to applying criteria. Published online Nov Cremastosperma westrae is known from just six localities and although these are similar, both in restricted extent and lack of protection to those of C.

In addition, as camera traps were placed up to 2. Results Morphological descriptions and taxonomic revision Thirty-four species are recognised here, of which five C. Premontane and montane primary and secondary forest, sometimes inundated, mainly on soils with calcareous bedrock.

Outer side of petals rather densely evenly covered with hairs. XML Treatment for Cremastosperma oblongum: Seeds ellipsoid, yellowish-brown, very shallowly pitted, ca.


This species had not been seen in JES for more than 50 years Lyra-Jorge and its last sign was a skeleton found in the middle ‘s Talamoni et al. Open in a separate window. XML Treatment for Cremastosperma leiophyllum: Monocarps narrowly ellipsoid Fig.

lei estadual 5260 de 2008 pdf file

January, August, September and November; fruiting: A number of important diagnostic characters are illustrated in Fig. In the absence of floral material from the Cenepa region, estdaual is assumed that these specimens do represent the same species due to the short pedicel, leaf base shape which excludes the possibility of their representing specimens of C. Eztadualstipes and receptacle glabrous, monocarps 6—30, ellipsoid, asymmetrical, 14—17 by 8—9 mm, green maturing to yellow, orange-red and red in vivoblack reddish-brown when immature in siccowith an excentric apicule; stipes 16—26 by 1—1.

Geological Society of America Bulletin 7: April, July — December; fruiting: