The minister in charge of drafting new leggi fascistissime (ultra-Fascist laws) was Alfredo Rocco, the law professor who had been the chief ideologue of the ANI. Palazzo-Vidoni Pact Trade unions under Fascist control. Leggi Fascistissime Mussolini – head of the government. Opposition and free trade unions. Le leggi “fascistissime” furono il fondamento sul quale si costruì il regime, caratterizzato dalla sostanziale coincidenza tra strutture dello Stato e strutture del .

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Tribunale speciale per la difesa dello Stato (1926-1943)

Fu istituito con la legge 25 novembren. Istituzioni dell’Italia fascista Storia dell’Italia nel primo dopoguerra.

Mussolini agreed, under the condition of not being directly involved. He also cautioned against the illusion that the Anglo-Americans would be content with that, whereas what they really wanted was the end of Italy, which under his rule had become too strong.

At the end, he asked Grandi to ease his action by activating the parliament and the Grand Council, and finished his speech telling him “Trust your king! I giudici erano in alta uniforme della Milizia volontaria per la sicurezza nazionale con tutte le decorazioni, i pochi giudici provenienti dalla magistratura ordinaria o militare portavano la toga.

Lo stesso argomento in dettaglio: Il Tribunale operava in modo sommario senza alcuna garanzia per gli imputati [1]. Windows illuminate violently, front doors burst open, houses empty, all are out embracing each other, telling each other the news, with those simple and exuberant gestures belonging to people overwhelmed by emotion.


In the morning of 22 July a most important meeting took place: Il quindicenne Anteo Zamboni venne linciato dai fascisti come presunto attentatore.

Fall of the Fascist regime in Italy – Wikipedia

For the first time in the history of the Grand Council, neither the bodyguard of Mussolini the Duce’s musketeers nor a detachment of the legi battalions were present in the massive Renaissance palace.

La costituzione del tribunale era ordinata dal Ministro per la guerra, che ne determinava la composizione, la sede e il comando leggo cui era stabilito. Farinacci and Scorza were for a totalitarian solution together with Germany, the others for giving back the emergency war powers to the king. In Rome, the government locked up the most important Fascists in Forte Boccea at that time Rome’s military jail. After the failure of the Feltre meeting and the first bombing of Rome, the crisis accelerated.

Tutti i processi fascisrissime Tribunale speciale fascista. Ordine del giorno Grandi.

After the end of the transmission, the population slowly understood what was going on. The Duce started to speak, trying to convince Victor Emmanuel that the OdG had no legal value, fascistissjme that many of its supporters had changed their minds in the night. Gli avvocati difensori non tentarono neppure di sostenere la tesi dell’uccisione accidentale ma si adeguarono alle posizioni dell’accusa. The Duce announced that, due to the length of the meeting, some comrades had asked for leggl postponement to the next day.

Roma, Anppia,p. While all the other gerarchi left the palace, their faces showing fatigue, emotion and sadness, [] Mussolini remained with Scorza, discussing with him the legal value of the OdG. Definitions Economics Fascism and ideology Fascism worldwide Symbolism.


The fascistissim were decorated with blue velvet tapestries and large paintings, and in the marble floor were etched inscriptions with the date of the restoration, Year VII of the Fascist calendar. The King awaited him at the foot of the patio stair of the villa.

Moreover, they proposed that the Axis supreme command in the peninsula be taken over by a German general possibly Rommel.

Fsacistissime procedura era sbrigativa: Thus Paolo Monelli, writer and journalist, describes what happened in the capital:. As written above, the group was divided: Organizations Axis powers Montreux Fascist conference.

Tribunale speciale per la difesa dello Stato () – Wikipedia

Mancano specifici studi su queste due sezioni locali del tribunale. Among the four existing state institutions, the Party, the Chamber of Fasci and Corporationsthe Senate and the Grand Council, only the fascistissims two were suitable for an action: On 15 July the King met Badoglio — who in the meantime had declared to friends that he would organize a putsch with or without the King [39] — and informed him that he would be the new head of government.

Mussolini was our guest. After the arrest of Mussolini, the King met the queenwho told fasdistissime husband: