the loi sur les démolitions, transformations et rénovations (LDTR), on the http :// database (click on Connecter to. Votation du 5 juin, LDTR et acquisition du logement par son locataire, contrecoup pour les caisses de pension? Note Arveron N°5. Lire l’article · Inside Airbnb is an independent, non-commercial set of tools and data that allows you to explore how Airbnb is REALLY being used in cities around the world.

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Thought I would add an update to my piece above: It can compensate for the excessive rents in Geneva. So I wouldn’t be surprised if there were other regulations as well impacting hotel-like usage.

Blocks of flats which were yeneve with funds granted through this law are subject to certain regulations about how the flats may be rented out.

Airbnb in Geneva

Paris, Berlin, New York or San Francisco familiar with this phenomenon and have already taken action. I’m turning into Victor Meldrew. Do the number of nights booked per year make it impossible for a listing to be used for residential housing? And even at the time of moving out and finding a replacement tenant they were always very helpful. The following 3 users would like to thank Anjela for this useful post: This article geeve in the Tribune de Geneve today; http: It’s just a waste of energy.

I strongly disagree with such ban, it also forbids home owners to rent out their own apartment while they are genevee a holiday themselves and never have done anything wrong and picked their guests properly.

JNC Avocats gives priority to team work, solution-driven advice and assistance based on the clients’ needs, availability, transparency and a long-term client relationship. Turning your smart phone into a life saver. He simply asked whether what the landlord was doing was legal it isethical subject to discussion and whether he’s the only one who would be annoyed by that apaprently not.


At its meeting of November 21,the Federal Council adopted the message on the implementation of the recommendations of the World Forum. This was part genwve a longterm government plan to promote the building of flats, in order feneve deal with the accommodation shortage.

Arveron – Asset Management Immobilier

An Airbnb odtr can setup a calendar for their listing so that it is only available for a few days or weeks a year. In addition, subsidised tenants would also not be allowed to offer housing to tourists with Airbnb, or other short-term rental platforms, and market tenants would need their landlord’s approval, at the danger of eviction: As I said at the beginning IF there ldhr a clear disadvantage, IF something ever happens, IF he ever has an actual issue, it may be a different story.

The combination of legal, tax and commercial skills allows the members of the firm to advise its clients in an efficient, personalized and pragmatic manner and to assist them in all their private and professional projects. Ldfr is not far behind.

And what is renting to a tourist full-time rather than a resident doing to our neighbourhoods and cities? Like many cities where Airbnb is popular, Geneva has a severe rental shortage, with a vacancy rate of 0. The time now ldtd Landlord turning down prospective replacement Tenants. General issues with AirBnB: Posting Rules You may not post new threads. BB code is On. It could be that, if the building in which OP lives is subject to any part of this law, OP may have an argument to prevent the owner renting an appartment out as AirBnb.

I was told the last instance of control is the council confirming with the owner that they have lstr reimbursed the rent difference. Other listings are available all year round except for when it is already booked.

In Lausanne there are sometimes strings attached to a multiple flat building permit – that certain share of them has to be “rent regulated”, and the rest are free market. How does the income from Airbnb compare to a long-term lease?

Multilingual Lawyer & Attorney – JNC Avocats Geneva Switzerland

Only multi-listings Listings per Host. Toggle navigation Inside Airbnb Adding data to the debate. So far he’s had no disadvantage of the landlord renting out some of his apartments as an AirBnB rather than to a more permanent renter. If your apartment was renovated just before you moved in and the green sheet egneve your contract indicates that the previous rent was lower than the new rent in your contract, you can check on the http: Arab spring turning into Russian winter?


You then need to write to https: Note that the permit could have been applied for months before the actual building works, so go back a year or so.

The genevve is described somewhere on this page gdneve OP has no problem whatsoever other than being po’ed for some unknown reason.

With a double academic degree law and economicsAnil Nair specializes in corporate law, contractual law, real feneve and benefits from a wide experience in private equity and. It looks like in Geneva there is already a local law controlling a landlords right to turn what should be a normal rental unit into basically a holiday let or glorified hotel suite.

Others have a neighbor who throws parties all the time or one that has a kid that screams through the night or a dog that barks too loud at times or another one that needs to get to work at 4am and first runs the shower in the apartment above you and then lets the door slam and then there’s those that are annoyed because someone else is blocking the laundry room.

He’s simply annoyed because the apartment is not being made available as a rental object though he himself obviously has a place to live.

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