Under the Covers Book Blog reviews LAST CALL, book 2 in the Heat Wave series by Alannah Lynne. Editorial Reviews. Review. “Ms. Lynne brings depth to her characters and stories. As I read the book, I could picture in my head the places and people that she. Last Call: Heat Wave Novel 2 (Volume 2) [Alannah Lynne] on * FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Gavin McLeod is a man who has it all.

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They have tons of chemistry but also a lot to overcome to be together. Over the past year or so, many of the choices Max has made to further the business hasn’t set well with Gavin. Well-paced and a very enjoyable read. Gavin is being groomed to take over as CEO of a big resort company.

Gavin is driven, ambitious, he knows what he wants and is not afraid to go after it. He does have to go through a lot of soul searching in this book, ljnne I actually really liked seeing that.

Last Call: Heat Wave Novel #2 – Alannah Lynne – Google Books

The plot is complex, well developed and most off well written. Many times we have similar characters if they were created by the same person, but it is not the case here. The two feel an instant attraction that will not be squelched.

I love the one night fling turned relationship aspect. I really don’t know why authors do that.

Life throws a loop when some chemistry is felt beyond the mixtures Sunny makes with the bottles at the bar. Between Gavin trying to find a balance between what he needs to do for his job and his budding relationship with Sunny, this story packs plenty of tension-along with plenty of hot and steamy scenes-and it kept me thoroughly drawn in from start to finish.

Yea I said or two. She and Robbie are both happy living above the bar and running its daily operations. Last call is book 2 in the heat wave series, having said that I had not read book one and this book can be read by itself without taking any of the enjoyment away. The fact that her and her 2 friends had to tag along was not helping his cause.

Review: Last Call by Alannah Lynne – Under the Covers Book Blog

Both characters had an instant attraction and were both likable, although their past was not focused on too much – it was lightly touched upon, but neither seemed to be weakened by what they went through. Will the engaging Sunny let Gavin talk her into selling her bar? She took care of her brother but why?


We finally get more Kevin Mazze! Gavin, a sexy as all sin business man being groomed to be the next CEO, walks in to a bar with three females She was annoying, obsessive, and a rich little laannah.

His life story is different, very different. Gavin McLeod came from a small town in North Carolina and has worked hard to become the second in command of one of the big company Holden Enterprises. The bartender of the bar Max asks him to go scope out.

Gavin, the second in command for Holden Enterprises has been sent on a recon mission to the Blackout Grill to see if he can get the owner to sell. I’m having a heat wave. She was however, ready for a one night fling.

Already unhappy with the direction of his life and having become entangled in Sunny’s troubles, Gavin changes his outlook, his integrity and fairness shining through. Gavin isn’t sure what he’s doing but can’t seem to stop himself from flirting with Sunny and wanting to make love to her.

And what he sees besides a relaxing bar is a sexy bartender with an addiction to dum dums the lollipops, not men! Has him see things in a new way. That was because his boss wanted him to date his 24 year old daughter.

He’s wondering if he’s the right man to step in to his mentor’s shoes when Max retires. Her characters are full of passion and heat, as the reader sees not only in the main characters, but the secondary characters as well. Gavin and Sunny were a great couple but I admit that Robby Black, Sunny’s brother, and Callie Holden, the daughter of Gavin’s boss and the girl who’s had a crush on Gavin since she was fourteen, were equally as memorable and stole the spotlight a time or two.

Review: Last Call by Alannah Lynne

She’s done the best she can and is trying to give ,ast brother the best life she can. Sunny, who has raised her b Gavin, a sexy as all sin business man being groomed to be the next CEO, walks in to a bar with three females Instead I found myself wanting to learn more about Callie and Jason.


Love the new covers! With Kevin Mazze, a character from book one, being mentioned, Last Call finally ties in with the series, which I caol and makes me hope for Gavin and Sunny to be recurring characters.

I would definitely read the other books in the series. Lyne lives in the coastal region of North Carolina with her husband, who also happens to be her best friend and biggest fan. The main characters are stubborn, sizzling, and ready to get what they want.

But when Gavin finds out that Max wants to buy Sunny’s bar so that he czll build a new resort on the very same beach that Gavin’s granddad use to bring him fishing at, those questions come barreling back with a vengeance. She loves chatting and making new friends, so visit her on the web at www. When the VP of Holden Enterprise shows up at the bar he meets the sexy, lats bartender, Sunny, soon to find out that she is the owner of the sought after bar. Her style of writing is edgy that can be transcribed into any small beach front to the largest of cities.

Tommy is a loving brother who wants the best for his sister and is not totally convinced the Gavin is the man for her. Copy provided by NetGalley. Nov 21, Indy rated it it was ok. Or will Sunny get Gavin lasst understand that this isn’t just her bar, it’s her home with her brother, and she’s not selling.

The story of Sunny and Gavin is sexy, sweet and really a wonderful read where we have danger and excitement as they fight not only for themselves and each other but also against what is wrong so that things can stay right. Jun 16, Amy H rated it it was amazing Shelves: Check out my full review on Bookaholics Not-So-Anonymous. Whelp, if you are looking for a sweet story this is the book for you.