Cartoon History of the Universe Volumes [Larry Gonick] on * FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Cartoon History of the universe vol an. Why begin earlier than the birth of the universe? Includes the evolution of life on earth, the origin of sex, the first humans, the early civilizations of the Middle East, . Volumes 14 – From the Rise of Arabia to the Renaissance. Includes pre- Islamic Arabia, the life of Muhammad and spread of Islam, history of Africa before .

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This medium works well, as his goal is to educate people in a way that makes them enjoy history, and everyone loves a good graphic novel.

Cartoon History of the Universe III | Larry Gonick

Let’s get our own comic book. The final volume covers history from the late 18th century to early The yistory testament volume was interesting, as I contrasted it to my reading of Genesis, many of the historical conjecture as filtered through Gonick seems much more reasonable than the Bible’s account.

Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. It ta Utter rubbish 1.

Cartoon History of the Universe 1

But rather than relying upon an ordinary, typeset bibliography, Gonick sustains unierse unorthodox style and exuberant tone as the Professor takes the reader through a cartoon tour of his sources. Gonick’s editorial aim seeks to do justice to every point of view. Fantastic imagery and lovely writing.


Engaging, easy to read, easy to pick back up after long pauses, and just all-around wonderful. I recently learnt that Scott recommended this book http: Sayangnya saya harus membaca versi translasinya, dan sebagaimana gojick buku terjemahan dari Amerika Serikat, terlalu banyak idiom khas Amrik yang tidak diterjemahkan secara tepat.

The final two volumes, published in andare named The Cartoon History of the Modern World volumes one and two.

Cartoon History of the Universe | Larry Gonick

Gonick is a big-time skeptic and antagonist of the Bible and the Christian Faith. Everything one needs to know about the world’s beginning, from the formation of the planet, the start of life, the different scientific eras, dinosaurs, early life, evolution of man, wars, plantlife, cultures, religions, etc.

His tribute to Asterix is explicit.

Begitu juga dengan pengungkapan di bab tentang zaman Mesir. This article relies too much on references to primary sources. The history of Mesopotamia, for example, when contrasted with what the Bible said had occurred, was fascinating. By honick this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Overly obsessed with sex, focused on minutae, and at times offensive to my Christian unicerse I often felt that Gonick was accusing ANYINE with religious convictions of being dim-witted and gullible.

I was bored by the Greek stories, which makes up that latter part of the book, if only because I am familiar with Greek history through my studies of its philosophy. Some of these primary sources are national epics, cultural writings, or holy scripturessuch as Homer ‘s Iliadthe Rig Veda of India, and the Bible. Not recommended- weed it for outdated approach. Every child in the world should be given this on their 7th birthday so they can keep gnoick it their whole lives.


Despite the fact that the next book contains through the fall of Rome my favorite period to teach in World HistoryI’ll not be picking up Gonick’s catoon book. Sep 27, Robin rated it did not like it Shelves: There are nine issues.

Sep 25, Michael rated it really liked it. Trivia About Cartoon History o I would strongly recommend this book, Larry Gonick, as an author in general, because it sucks you in and really ingrains the ideas into your head.

So much information, but presented in a easy to understand and enjoyable way, all in comic form. Apr 17, Udit rated it did not like it. In his effort to make history engaging, the author has chosen to write his story in the larey of a graphic novel. Gonick’s work is not the first comic history in English: