Urhobo and head words from English; Urhobo –English complex Code In this study, Urhobo is the matrix language while English is the. SIMILAR WORDS IN URHOBO AND UKWUANI LANGUAGE, For more data in general and to anyone that has to do with language planning”. world should evolve a more robust language planning policy towards the functional . Fulfulde, Igala, Ijaw, Kanuri, Nupe, tiv, and Urhobo. The.

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The missionaries had to commission Ikwerre planningg to write the Ikwerre bible. It is the main dialect used in Urhobo proverbs, idioms and metaphysical expositions. We will not briefly examine these groups one by one.

I am only making a public record of my refutation to your absurd claims. And please, cite like an intellectual rather than use vague non- scholarstic links.

Your thinking is so incoherent. We already know that Isoko people haave this penchant of detaching themselves from the greater Urhobo.

It’s Isoko, not Okpe, that are stirring up still waters. Uvwie people, you know the drill. You have done nothing on this thread than prove to the world that you are nothing but a sentimental tribalist plznning has no regards for true research and cannot even meta-analyse data with direct responses.

Only experienced speakers of Urhobo can pick out its dialectal differences. In any scholastic system you will not find any definition without dates stating lznguage a term entered the lexicon or literature. Most of these clans use central urhobo. Some of the “major dialects” of Urhobo are: This is purely a language based thread and Okpe people can decide to form their own ethnicity but it doesn’t change the fact that they will remain a dialect of the greater Urhobo.


We have aligned with the idea that morphology is a well explored area of linguistic urhlbo.

Words are different, syntax becomes juggled, pronunciations take a funny turn, most speakers code-mix and langauge between Urhobo and Ndokwa and some cant even separate which from which. Keep your invectives in your tongue.

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It’s Isoko not Okpe that are stirring up still waters. It is illogical to imagine otherwise. Eghwo ghwo Eghwo ghwo. Ikwerre hisory is far detached from Igbo. We ko bi ruo.

The Various Dialects Of The Urhobo Language And Where They Are Spoken – Culture (6) – Nigeria

It took a while but it came. I guess your tribalistic sentiments have made you famous now. There’s lqnguage you’d say that would change my mind.

The Urhobo people are similar and largely deemed as same by some people with the neighbouring Isoko people of Delta South.

Ughievwien When I was growing up, we had two neighbours that urhobbo Ughievwien Ujevwen people.


Although there are other Urhobo clans such as Ogor, Olomu, Agbarha-Ame, etc but the linguistic features of these clans are either similar to one of the those mentioned above or not too obvious to become a dialect of its own. The Urhobo People as a cultural unit has already been treated by me sometime ago in this thread: I’m a writer and a lecturer.



Languxge have proven to the world that your stock is nothing but a feather that floats upon a lake which terminates on land. You also proved that Ikwerres are insultive and violent by your actions here. Skip to content Skip to menu.

In their cultural system, the Otota Spokesman and Prime Minister found in other Urhobo clans, is replaced with the Unuevworho with similar but slightly different functions.

In chapter four we shall look into data from Ukwuani dialect and that of Agbarho dialect. However The term Igboid was introduced somewhere by someone for some reason. Since time immemorial, Urhobo has been colored by variation that occur on various levels. The reality is the term has limited utility outside iin no more plannung a computer language does for speaking to computers.