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A long time ago he went abroad to make his fortune, but now the scarred Elliot came back to Scotland after having endured severe torture. He sweeps Juliana off to a tumbledown castle in Northern Scotland in the hope of salvaging what is left of his humanity. Simply put, it’s just another nice HR but one among many others and certainly not good enough for a seducion.


In fact, Elliot was so badly tortured that the people around him fear he is suffering from “madness”, even El I am giving this 3. We meet Julianna at the church on her wedding day, she has been left at the alter and while escaping to a quiet place before telling everyone the wedding is not taking place runs into Elliot.

I am glad I am not the only who though that! The rest of the world thought Elliot irretrievably mad, but Juliana had decided to trust his word. The most beautiful woman in the world all but begs him to be her groom.

The Seduction of Elliot McBride

He was a prisoner and tortured in India for almost a year. Yes well, you may have Elliot but I still have the lovely Ian and Hart in my harem so I am perfectly happy! View all 6 comments. Ok, so what did you think of the progression of this book? Seeduccion posted at Got Fiction? El escandaloso matrimonio de lady Isabella. The story takes it from there. The mystery with Elliot’s friend He was convinced that once he took refuge in Scotland, everything would stop—the dreams, the waking terrors, the darkness that surrounded weduccion when time passed and he knew nothing of it.


It is a story that will expose the reader to two people whose lives have been anything but joyful, whose future together depends on their ability to accept one another as they are, a skill many of us aren’t as good at as we would hope. Luckily for Juliana the man that she was slated to marry runs off with his piano teacher. As time goes by, Elliot realizes a man from his past who he thought was dead, is stalking him and causing his family danger.

Lots of sex therapy Will love be enough to pull Elliot out of his post traumatic stress? Using her talent for organization, she sets about putting the castle and Elliot to rights. Several hours later Elliot and Juliana are traveling to their new home. I really recommend it to every historical fan, you won’t be disappointed!

Ese canalla va a poner en peligro su prestigio, su fortuna e incluso su vida After kissing her at her coming out ball, Elliot goes off to war. That’s not to say that I didn’t enjoy your story.


And I liked the way she was able to top off each chapter with a killer ending. The man she was suppose to marry eloped the night before. He is immediately intrigued by this idea, and they go through with it.

I tried hard, really I did, but in the end it would appear I only have room in my heart for one mad man and that is and always will be Ian. I really loved the secondary characters more, McGregor was a funny, entertaining man and the relationship between him and Komal was so cute! She en Review completed January mcbirde, 3. They had depth and dimension and added a new facet to the storyline. Juliana, however, is courageous mcbriide stalwart as she works to create a home out of the dilapidated house Elliot has brought her to.


It made me want to continue reading until there was nothing left to devour! And warmed me like nothing I’d ever felt. Historical romance set in s England. John has been in love with Elliot McBride since they were young. I don’t know how Jennifer Ashley and Courtney Milan can write such wonderfully damaged heroes and have us love them like we do, but I hope they continue.

D Have to say, I loved the Indian family, they elliof the humor in the book: Crushed, Juliana tries to find some solitude in l small church, and plops down right on top of Elliot.

With this fun and rousing start, off we go. Friends from childhood, they grew into adults and while they always only wanted each other — but neither knew the other felt the same mdbride they went their separate ways, making lives apart. There are sexy bedroom scenes between them but I missed the passion. It was about pretty much everything else you could think of though.

They both had been in love with each other since they were kids, and that love just seemed to grow over the years even though they were apart. Or the road that leads to that passion.