The libretto is written by Carlo Zanjrarini and Guelfo. .. LA FANCIULLA DEL WEST II Trin: SiD: Trin Nick: Sonora Tkix: Sonora Nick: Sonora Tutti: Trin: NicK: . A miners’ camp in California, – At sunset at the Polka Saloon, Nick, the bartender, prepares for the miners’ return from the hills. Jake Wallace, a traveling . LA FANCIULLA DEL WEST. An opera in three acts, sung in Italian. Music by Giacomo Puccini. Libretto by Guelfo Civinini and. Carlo Zangarini (based on the.

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Da una parte uno schermo di lamina di ferro, per riparare le persone dai colpi di pistola: WowKLE, grumbling, takes the baby from the cupboard, puts it on her back, and wrapping herself up in the blanket, turns to the door.

Wowkle singing and rocking the baby: Harry ed altri minatori battono il tempo con le mani: Minnie giving him dl playful smack on the shoulder: Ad ogni modo, Rance, tengo 1′ invito.

Billy comes in and Minnie soon follows.

Metropolitan Opera | La Fanciulla del West

The Pony Express rider arrives “La posta! He pours the contents of the bowl into Larkens’ hands: Bello, [N 1] miner. Three pistol shots beliind, in rapid succession.

Mal di terra natia! A kiss — I must have one!


Al tavolo del giuoco si acca,: And who is marrying my Kitty? You don’t say so When against librettto heart I could feel yours beat, Mine was flooded with joy divine, And a wondrous calm I cannot describe. Minnie come stordita, rimane ferma in mezzo alla stanza oscura, illuminata solo dai guizzi del lumicino del sottoscala.

Wowkle goes out, shutting the door behind her.

La fanciulla del West – Wikipedia

But Minnie, what has kept her? Is death so awful!

All the miners, their faces turned towards him, sign to him to con- tinue. Rance pointing to Castro: You’re quite right there! Prende la sella, si avvia verso la porta con un gesto violento. Ranee tells of his chagrin that Johnson’s wound was not fatal, and that Minnie had nursed him back to life at her cabin. Nick porta quattro zchisky al tavolo Rance: Minnie aggiusta i cuscini: Breaks off in annoyance, seeing Nick.

Ah, if it comes from jou, any’ll do; The brand won’t matter. A king In olden times, a reg’lar hero. Of one thing only we are sure — they lived! A group of miners playing cards discover that Sid is cheating and want to attack him. Our men are close at hand, in hiding. Sceriffo, questa sera ho Ramerrez al laccio Nick goes and opens tlie door, zvaiting for his mis- tress to go out. Nick corre a prendere la cassetta degli sigari, distri- buendo; discende; dalla sala da ballo escono due gio- vanotti danzando.


Can’t remember what— Johnson going close to her: Guai a te se domani non la sposi! Castro to Johnson, very softly, quickly: The boys will be back quite soon now. Johnson tries to embrace her again as if to change tha subject i Minnie! A king — An ace.

La fanciulla del West, SC 78 (Puccini, Giacomo)

It is presented from time to time, but is not performed nearly as often as Puccini’s other mature operas. Billy give four dollars to your father; and give a blanket.

By the name of my mother, Maria Saltaja, I swear I don’t deceive you! Questo pezzente un giorno l’ha sedotta Upon seeing his leader, Johnson, in the saloon, Castro agrees to lead Rance, Ashby and the miners in a search for Ramerrez, and the group then follows him on a false trail and in what turns out to be a wild goose chase.

Puts the pistol back in her bodice — Rance silently moi’cs away from the counter, sits doivn at the faro table, and absent- mindedly starts playing. But he heads a band of Mexican greasers: This evening, Wowkle, supper for two.