Illustrated Judo Waza dictionary for the many Judo Waza: Kuzushi (Balance breaking) introduction. Kuzushi is integral to Judo, and is taught right from the very beginning, but as I’ll discuss here, there are different forms of Kuzushi, and different. However when it comes to sparring and to competitive judo I have a persistent problem with kuzushi, which in turn makes it all the more difficult.

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Fun times always at Kuzushi judo. You can use your mass to lean into your opponent to fix him in place or demobilize him, you can lower your hips to increase the power of a pull or a push, you can jump up and pull uke down with you, you can overextend him by pulling up and away from him Thanks Daniel, been fantastic having you at Kuzushi judo this kuzushj 8 weeks.

So come along and get some superpowers! Nor can you divorce the off balancing from the throwing action. You are such a pleasure to teach.

Term One has finished , rest and relax ready for a bigger term 2! I think juo main problem I have is that I’m too concerned with the throws as a whole and am not considering the small individual and most basic parts enough, which kuzudhi to me rushing the technique and getting to stage 3 of a throw having not done stage 1 kuzushi properly.

It’s particularly common with turning throws like tai-o-toshi, harai-goshi, uchi-mata etc. Nor can you divorce kuzushi from the rest of a throw — the moment of opportunity, fitting in, and execution.


The Difficult Way: Forget about Kuzushi

There is a story in an old chinese book – the Zhuangzi – which blend the empty mind to “maximum efficiency”, because its fitting to the flow of life. While only one example, this is perhaps one of the stronger uses of attack timing.

This is the rarest form of off balancing – and the most difficult. He kuzusyi 14 directions of off balance, taking the normal eight directions, and separating the front corner directions into three, and the back corner directions into two.

Too often we make the mistake of letting events or people destabilize us because we assume that our centre lies somewhere out there. Think about the three step metric of — kuzushi, tsukuri and kake as like the stabilisers on a bike. If a frog, a freak of nature can do Ure- Nage so can you!! The goal of kuzushi is simple, to prevent uke from being able to mount a defense against the technique being used.

Obviously this fails pretty much every time. Kuzuchi is being able to very slightly take advange of a person’s shift of pressure upon their feet.

Judo milestones in Bhutan. After all kuzushi is one of the sacred cows of Judo, people spend hours working on their kuzushi and all Judo coaches stress its importance. And the awards go to Venue Dowling street bjj tas.

What other way is there?

What is Jūdō?

Use the third dimension. In judo, this only can really be achieved after years of randori and uchi komi.

An explosive movement of the arm s to complete successfully the throw and to add extra speed. Please contact Heath if you have any questions See More. Then it’s basically an instance of juro an o-soto-gari-like leg sweep back, while pulling continuously on their sleeve to keep the rotation going.


I really love the nage-no-kata setup for this throw. In terms of knowledge of different techniques and the basic concepts of judo I think I have a pretty jkdo developed idea.

This is a topic that you should constantly spend your training time on. The argument could then be made that a fifth of Scotch or a baseball bat can be a very effective form of kuzushi!

Probably quite a few confused and or shocked faces on people after kuzushii read that. Well i didn’t just stumple upon this blog, but i HAD to do a search for it on google that is “understanding kuzushi”. Thank you for all the hard work you do. However when it comes to sparring and to competitive judo I have a persistent problem with kuzushi, which in turn makes it all the more difficult to finish off a throw.

Empty your mind, go along with his movements, don’t plan throws, go with the flow, apply what fits the situation. Hando no Kuzushi Reaction based kuzushi. At bjj tas Dowling street. So I need to generally relax my arms, but also concern myself more with moving my whole body around in order to take them off balance?

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