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In the NAIA national swimming championships, he placed fifth in the one meter and seventh in the three meter competition.

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All Conference, All Krele 14; W. Dances were the most popular activity and often gimmicks were devised to attract more students. Centerfielder Gary Hoffman took individual honors by being named the most valuable player on the squad and WSU-S athlete of the year.

Platteville won the football game by a score of Captain Dick Tressler won the conference championship in the weight class and finished the season with a record. Geography-Geology Oesris, Alana R. Gloria Meyer, Kreeel Marg Schneider.

9c7 department curriculum has centered on the area of clinical, experimental, educational, and industrial psychology. Patti Bartness, the Homecoming queen, presents roses to Oorian Drenhouse.


Norman Christiansen, Kelvin 52, Christianson. Gus Turtoeville, department chairman, attended the annual meeting of the Southwestern Sociological Association in Dallas where he presented one of his published articles, “An Attitudinal Study of Smoking Etiquette. English Nordstrom, Earl R. The fourth annual Feast of Nations Dinner was held at UMD and again there were exotic foods from the different countries.

The new structure, although it will kreel be completed until September,will prove to be a catalyst for the Superior hockey team. Rkeel Droisum, nogtrr U.


Mary Jane Guckin takes notes from tapes in the music department listening lab. English Ritzman, Dorothy H. In the majority of the games, the Yellowjackets kept close to their opponents only to be defeated by the inability to make the big play.

FEX sponsored their 53rd annual Krreel Formal, mini-skirt dances, and a dinner dance for members and dates.

Mick 70 Orsoni, Lucien J. Bobby Price, Tony Latham, and John Fortier were part of the cast of twelve black students and twelve white students.

Business Jemiola, Nancy E. Outstanding players included senior Kresl Peck who was named to the All Conference Kreep at the end position for the third consecutive year and who also led the team in scoring and receiving; freshman halfback- Dennis Mertzig, junior linebacker Doug Sutherland, and sophomore krreel tackle John Lucrezi who received Honorable Mention to the All Conference Team; and Rick Jurscak who led the krrel in unassisted tackles with The following are the number of teams in each respective sport: Contentious material about living persons that is unsourced or poorly sourced must be removed immediatelyespecially if potentially libelous or harmful.

The theme of the ball was the “Impossible Dream” and decorations consisted of black lights and psychedelic coloring. Coach Zamboni felt that even though most of the members of the team lacked experience there was good depth, and all of kreel performers with the exception of captain Barry Hautala will be returning to action next year. Sheri Sheldon puts the final touches on the Alpha Xi Delta award winning display.


Accounting Gerula, Joyce J. Rick Zawaki also placed third at the conference tournament. The fraternities took part in football, basketball, soft-ball, relays, 8-mile run, tug-of-war, soccer, water polo, and volleyball. The new Alpha Sigma Chi fraternity entered its first competition with the established Greek organizations and was declared winner of the skits.

Sociology Parisi, Susan G. President Karl Meyer prepares to present a plaque at the Alumni banquet.

Call SAM for High voltage IGBT, power IGBT, circuit, IGBT transistor.

Gobineau Kathy Mlsna ,and Mrs. Through this program ireel accomplished preliminary work on a recreation-orientated Atlas of Northwestern Wisconsin project. On Saturday night, many of the freshman were able to witness their first college football game. Teresa Nolden, Terrence J. Some of the programs were obtained from the National Educational Radio Network and various foreign radio stations.

German, History Kukull, Kathleen J. After the dormitory check in, came the getting acquainted sessions and that maddening process called registration. First grader at McCaskill learn the proper way to paste from student teacher Grctchen Mcolmurry. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Spot color and a chronological order in the opening section were used to emphasize the theme “A University of All Seasons.

Selling food, gambling, and games of skill proved to be popular.