2 Introduction Render Panel is an insulated wall system with a pre-rendered finish which is applied under controlled factory conditions, providing consistency in. The aesthetic appeal of a render finish can now be combined with the performance benefits of an insulated panel, thanks to the new render-effect system from. Kingspan Insulated Panels, Home. Kingspan is the leading global manufacturer of high performing, fire-safe insulated panels for walls and roofs.

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The highly versatile Roof Mounted PV System is suitable for pitched and flat roof applications and can be installed on new build, retrofit, and refurbishment projects.

Kingspan Render Panel Pre-rendered Insulated Panel System

In the case of Kingspan, the PV modules have been retrofitted onto the existing roofs of the buildings. The buildings, separately housing standard and organic potatoes, require large amounts of energy to power internal cooling systems, keeping harvested potatoes at a constant low temperature. With electricity usage metered at kingsan rates, this previously resulted in mass Our Curvewall panels from our AWP range combined an aesthetically pleasing wall solution with all the performance benefits of an insulated panel system.


The nature of the panels means that installation is quick and the building is weather-tight in just rendre pass.

The panels chosen created the clean, modern look that the architects had wanted. They helped to make the building a showpiece for the occupants whilst also complementing the existing neighbouring offices. Chris Turnbull of architects, Turnbull Tweedale: A built up system consisting of a metal sub-frame with insulation and resin-impregnated timber-fibre rainscreen cladding was rejected in favour of Kingspan Tender.

Our panels helped to create a modern, attractive building with excellent thermal and fire performanc We chose products that would deliver the best possible U-Value and air-tightness ratings. The innovative Sol-Air technology uses the sun’s rays to heat the air in the panels, which can then be distributed around the building to supplement heating. This system can he The installation of these panels on the four-storey building provided a practical and cost-effective solution, that create RW panels were used on the most exposed walls and the majority of the roof.

The thickness of the panels used varied from 60mm to mm and delivered an insulation R value of up to 5. The Render panel provided the specific kingsapn required for the front showroom area, while the Classic AB panel was perfect for the rest of the large building.


The thermal performance of the thicker AB panels alongside their excellent fire rating meant that all the building With electricity usage metered at half-hourly rates, this previously resulted in m Please login to add this item to your account. If you don’t have a login, please sign up here.

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Kingspan Render Panel Pre-rendered Insulated Panel System – PDF

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