We are the largest Arabic online bookstore in South east Asia, with more than titles from more than publishers in Fiqh, Hadeeth, Aqidah, Philosophy, . Lauhat faniah min rawa’ik khat arabi لوحات فنية من روائع الخط العربى. احمد صبرى زايد. 0 Review | Add Your Review · Email to a Friend. Availability: In stock. Qty. It was originated from Ethiopia, but later distributed to different countries such as South Africa and the Arabian Peninsula. Although this plant is known as Khat in.

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Arabic Buy This Item Save: Within each unit are lessons dealing with basic conversational Arabic, reading, vocabulary and linguistic structures, applied grammar, spelling and dictation, review and reinforcement, and finally cultural enrichment.

Pre-writing activities in order to decorate and draw the main lines. It focuses on teaching the Arabic language to non-native speakers, especially benefiting those who have little time to commit to Arabic throughout the weekdays, and makes learning easy by covering several educational levels: Popular series for learning and teaching Arabic.

This plant is a natural stimulant which contains two main substances: The subjects discussed in this series are child-friendly and include topics such as hobbies and toys, life in school and at home, and relationships with friends, neighbors and relatives. The book in total includes 25 lessons and 4 unit tests. You will find a complete explanation of Islamic beliefs, practices and values presented in a simplistic style, age appropriate for the various levels and with charming illustrations and engaging text.

Moreover, some students chew it during examination periods, because it helps them to become more vigilant. Audio Sample 2 Your browser does not support the audio element.


Students practice writing Arabic letters, words, and then expressions. The design introduces Islam to young Muslims through authentic and state of hkat art educational and Islamic tarbiyah methodologies.

Khat ‘Arabi : Naskh Essential Course (Sunday) – As-Souq Arabic Centre

It can cause the loss of appetite, permanent tooth darkening, susceptibility to ulcers and leave a negative impact on liver function.

For Cathinone, it is considered as a natural Amphetamine, because this substance produces a similar effect like that of Amphetamine. Moreover, the researchers found that gender, peer influence who smoke cigarette or chew Khat and smoking status aarbi students are the most factors that contribute to chewing Khat habits among students [ 4 ]. A clear lesson that is accompanied with a drawing, which helps the children know the action that, is required for completing the task.

For example, some students in Southern Saudi Raabi are using it for examinations, because it is considered a natural stimulant. Decorating letters and coloring them, delineating numbers and counting them… The pages combine fun and benefit in firm pedagogical steps that lead aabi proper writing. It is recommended that students should already have completed at least Book One of the Gateway series and be familiar with the Arabic alphabet before embarking upon this book.

29 best Khat arabi images on Pinterest in | Allah islam, Islamic art and Islam quran

Saudi Arabia Addicted Drug. This package comes with the following: Shipping info Returns are Easy. At this time, this feature is available for retail customers only. Posters to be used as classroom visual aids Audio tapes. Some levels also include audio tapes sold separately. In its different levels, the series adopts the phases that start with before writing and lead to writing drafts, revising them and correcting them.

The book begins by training you to draw simple lines and curves, then proceeds to present letters and simple words and sentences that are appropriate to the level of the book.


It also aims at immersing them in the concepts of some Arabic lhat and what they refer to. Teaches Arabic as a primary language Arabic only Uses vowelled letters diactrical marks, or tashkeel Textbooks focus: Special attention is given arabii speaking and listening in the first two books, and reading and writing are wrabi focus in the third through the sixth books.

Lauhat faniah min rawa’ik khat arabi لوحات فنية من روائع الخط العربى

People use Khat as a recreational drug or as medicine. Hence, Khat is considered one khst the main reasons in Jazan that causes family conflicts and decrease in economic activities. Take a moment to review this product! Recommended for full-time, weekend or home school. A new, integrated approach to teaching Arabic to non-Arabic speakers.

Your browser does not support the audio element. They also arbi that the prevalence of khat chewing was higher among male We put a special Summary for Dictations Texts which enabling to prepare Tests in the page Specified for Applied Dictation after Cutting the Page and separate it from the book.

Activities for drawing the letters, which are accompanied with drawings that start with or include the targeted letter. A model of the line, drawing, letter or number that is required, while specifying its starting point and the direction of delineation, in addition to its path, through guiding arrows.

Furthermore, they recommended that Jazan region need effective services programs for people who need help to quit Khat chewing habit [ 4 ].