G. S. Khaparde Diary. December 4 Sunday. Bombay. In the morning, by the time I finished my prayer, Waman Rao Joshi came but went away soon to see. Khaparde’s Diary on Shirdi Sai Baba – Khaparde was a noted lawyer and political activist who lived during the time of Shirdi Sai Baba. He came. Shirdi Sai Leela – Khaparde’s diary – Om Sai Ram Dadasaheb Khaparde was a popular lawyer and political activist who was also a noted.

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This, of course, is quite natural, and not objectionable but yet may be considered unfortunate by those who think that achievement of Paramartha is more important than all these. Let us note the following case. Tilak could not see the future but Baba could.

Yet with all these inducements, Khaparde in great anxiety, like his own relations, went away from Shirdi to amass wealth and fame and keep to his political, social and legal position or ambition. Shyama on his behalf frequently asked Baba whether he could get back. Sai knew or foreknew or foreordained the subsequent life of Khaparde after releasing him from the immediate danger of persecution namely that his ambitions and energies were all to be utilised in totally different fields and his greatness was to consist in becoming an M.

Shirdi Sai Leela – Khaparde’s diary

Baba replied that Khaparde had his house both at Shirdi and at Amaravati and that he might stay where he liked, and that he might never return to Amaravati. He came to Shirdi for Baba’s darshan first around and remained Baba’s devotee till his passing away. That protection involved the prolonged stay of Khaparde at Shirdi, but with his extremely aggressive worldly attachment, the confinement within Shirdi was obviously irksome to the impatient spirit of Khaparde.

However, in the case of this diary most of the matter can be turned into interesting matter by a proper historian or biographer taking up the same and piecing out the necessary parts from it and putting them into the biography or history that he is compiling. There may be one or two more of that sort noticeable in the diary, but perhaps in this article unconsciously the dissection of Khaparde has gone to unpardonable lengths, and it is high time that such dissection stopped.

Shirdi Sai Leela – Khaparde’s diary

I intend going away today or rather tonight. Once Baba wanted to draw his attention to the absurdity of frittering away time like that at his age and stage and Baba asked him what he was doing and what he had been doing in the morning.


This reminds of George Muller’s powerful faith that enabled him to get nearly twenty millions of pounds voluntarily sent to him from time to time in the course of many years to construct many children’s orphanages. To get to great ends, one must abandon all earthly ambition and face poverty and obloquy, if need be, calmly and cheerfully and hold on to the Guru as the be-all and end-all of one’s existence.

Then she married the bunya. Khaparde’s joys in getting a fat sessions case or success in a sensational trial or getting loud plaudits or cheers from the mass listening to his humorous and highly cutting utterances, and his domestic joys were perhaps the highest that he had experience of. Moreover, Khaparde was far too deep in the world and the world was far too deep in him, and Baba wished to give him a double advantage by his stay at Shirdi to escape prosecution and to advance in detachment.

He spent his time in talks with such visitors and in his study of the daily papers to note especially what happened in the world generally, perhaps with special reference to his own condition and the possibilities of his own delicate position getting more delicate and more dangerous.

In the relevant solitary page of the diary dated Khaparde notes it as the date of Tilak’s visit without mentioning how and why Tilak made that visit. His was a bright, high position as understood in orthodox circles and he achieved great success in several walks of life even after changing his original political faith at least as understood by others.

Khaparde was also a noted devotee of Shirdi Sai Baba. High Level of Yogic Practice Tummo. In the matter of ascertainment of dates and facts, its value is indeed very great. It contains minute details of Shirdi Sai Baba’s interaction with him and other devotees.

Shirdi Sai Names – 2 of If they do not give us Upadesha, let us note what they do and say. The fact that Khaparde did not take the latter view beams khaprde from the diary.

Shirdi Sai Baba Diary by Shri G S KHAPARDE -Shirdi Sai online books

Baba had extinguished the idea of prosecution from the minds of all responsible authorities. Therefore, he went on with his prayers, attendance at bhajans, and study of Panchadasi, Paramamrita, Yoga Vasishta, Dasa Bodha, etc. According to Upasani Lilamrita, which is either a biography or at least chronicles of Upasani, written practically to his dictation and revised by him carefully, mention is made that Sai Baba stated that Diarg had undergone the four years and had attained full divinity.


Then she was born a Brahmin.

Tilak could safely retire leaving disry field entirely open to Mahatma Gandhi and himself concentrate upon his own spiritual interest and upon other dizry work for the benefit of the country and humanity.

So I woke up Madhavrao Deshpande who took her to another part and told her to sleep there on pain of being beaten. Khaparde’s diary when placed side by side with H. Baba did kkhaparde allow him to depart and mentioned that the times were not favourable for his departure, and that Baba met the Governor who came with a lance to pierce Khaparde and put him aside, Strangely enough, instead of stating that this meant that his prosecution under section A was being warded off, Khaparde simply notes ‘The language is figurative and hard to interpret’.

Sai never confers ,haparde temporal benefit without attaching to it a spiritual benefit also. So it was possible for G. Khaparde was born on 3rd July at Amaravati to Diarg Smt.

But he retired from all these and in was leading the life of a Vanaprasta with Baba enjoying thorough peace and developing considerably in his spiritual state. Dixit had the very great advantage of six or seven months’ stay with Baba, and he also kept a diary in which he noted not only what he did and other visitors did but also all that Baba kkhaparde and said.

Khaparde, was immersed deep in an ocean of bliss for hours and hours. Sign In to earn Badges. Shyama also went and asked Baba leave for Khaparde’s departure.

G. S. Khaparde

But there is not much difficulty in inferring that the above point must have formed a portion of that advice. Khaparde for the benefit of Sai Devotees:. That meant evidently that he had drawn away Balwant’s disease to his own body.

Hence, it was Baba’s power to foresee the shape that Indian politics was assuming in the hands of the next great leader, who may be justly styled the Father of Indian Independence. Khaparde was the chairman of the reception committee at the Amaravati Congress in Khaoarde on Tilak’s lines had to end.