Well, during my shop search a dealer offered me a Kawai CA65 for $ less than a Kawai CA It’s new aswell, probably left from an old. The new Kawai CA65 and CA95 models replace the previous CA instruments, of which the CA93 was named one of the top 20 products in the. Kawai CA65 average used price. Warning. The prices quoted in the private classified ads on Audiofanzine are not necessarily the actual retail prices.

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And when you play for an audience the internal sound will do just fine.

Kawai CA65/CA95 demos by Kawai Australia | Free Listening on SoundCloud

I would focus on playing the pieces rather than worrying about the piano itself. Triple-sensor key detection Complementing the grand piano-class key pivot length, the Grand Feel action also features a new triple-sensor key detection system for enhanced playing realism.

Though the CA78 is two generations newer, I’d say the changes are really more refinement than revolutionary. The Concert Grand experience in the comfort of your home Kawai has been crafting musical instruments for 85 years, maintaining traditional processes while embracing original ideas. Have you checked the CA65 manual?

To achieve this ambition, every aspect of the new Concert Artist has either been redeveloped or significantly improved, kqwai that this flagship instrument provides the most authentic playing experience of any digital piano. I too chased ‘Improvements’. Originally Posted by mcoll JoBert, that’s a very good summary of the situation. Originally Posted by ConstantGardener thanks caa65 replying. Kaqai to cabinet and audio differences. All eighty-eight black and white keys are crafted entirely from long pieces of wood, with finely textured ivory-like surfaces applied to absorb moisture and assist control.

These subtle characteristics allow discerning pianists to practise their expanding repertoire with confidence, and ensure that there are no unpleasant surprises when called upon to perform using the finest acoustic grand pianos. Furthermore, the Dual playing mode also allows two different sounds, such as grand piano and strings, to be layered together, while the Split and Four Hands modes divide the keyboard into two independent sections.


Kawai CA-78 B negro

As a player who’s technique is only starting to be developed, she said, it will take me three years of serious study before I even begin to reach the maturity required to make a buying decision on an ultra-expensive piano.

Finally, wooden keys are inherently special. C6a5 Feel keyboard action Embracing many of the long-established iawai associated with an acoustic piano, the new Grand Feel keyboard action utilised by the latest Concert Artist combines realistic materials, motion, and mechanism to recreate the exceptional touch of cw65 finest concert grand pianos.

No use in still answering the months old kaawi question This means that when a pressing a wooden key it reaches the cushioned felt keybed with a natural, reassuring stop, rather than a jarring, noisy halt. A student who would have to save up to it flipping burgers for a year, I would say no. A digital piano that will transform enthusiastic players into accomplished pianists, and modest homes into grand concert halls. In the final post regarding the possibility of upgrading my Kawai CA65 to a higher grade DP, I told my teacher that I’d thought of making a lifetime purchase in a year or so to a digital piano with true acoustic grand action.

As JoBert correctly notes, the CA65’s pedal connector should be attached kawi the pedal board. New Topics – Multiple Forums.

A 65 has great feel and good sound. But even so, it seems that the improved voicing, speakers and action might justify the move up. Help keep the forums up and running with a donationany amount is appreciated!

With elegant cabinetry, striking accents, and a natural wooden finish, the exterior appearance of a piano contributes more to the overall aesthetic of playing and listening to music than arguably any other instrument.

Kawai CA65 to CA And a move to the same updated model is in a number of ways more of a “sidegrade” than an true upgrade. Therefore, in order to construct a realistic acoustic portrait of the EX concert grand piano, not only is each key recorded individually, but also at various different volume levels, ranging from gentle pianissimo to thunderous fortissimo. Learn to play well on what you have and then, you will be wiser regarding an upgrade.


If you play mainly VSTs: My personal opinion is that it isn’t worth upgrading from a CA65 to a CA Kaeai Pass It On! Is the pedal cable detachable on the Kawai CA65?

Extra-Long Sampling hi-xl With expanded piano sound memory, the new Concert Artist boasts the largest sample size of any Kawai digital piano. The significance of real wooden keys Wood has been the preferred material for acoustic piano keys for centuries, and was first introduced in Kawai digital pianos over 25 years ago. Just stay with the CA65 ca665 keep your money for something in a different class, like the Novus or Avantgrand. From a strict dollars and sense perspective, this upgrade doesn’t really sound “necessary,” prudent or fortuitous to me.

These decades of experience afford our engineers a wealth of knowledge from which to create stunning digital instruments, in a quest to perfect the art of the piano. If this is missing for whatever reason, it will need to be reattached. I’m sure most people who aren’t connoisseurs would have a hard time hearing an upgrade from the ca65 to the ca But if you pay regularly to move to the same tier product, after a few years you’ll have spent enough for the next class up, or even more, and still be left with the same tier you started with.

The CA65 is a perfectly good digital piano and you won’t get a massive upgrade moving to a CA Also not worth it. Please Support Our Advertisers.