Kanakadharastavam MP3 Song by M.S. Subbulakshmi from the Carnatic movie Suswara Manjari. Download Kanakadharastavam song on and. One day in the sacred Rishi tradition Bhagvadpada Sri Adi Sankarachrya went to one old woman’s house for alms (biksha). She was so poor, she was not.

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Kanakadharastavam by Garikapati Narasimha Rao

Let this mother of all the worlds, the daughter of Bhrugu Maharsi who is seated on the chest of Sri Maha Visnu, the most splendrous personality grant us all auspicious things.

Lsri Maha Visnu too equally looks at her and at the very sight itself Lakshmi devi is moving with Lshyness.

Mother the people who will serve you will obtain every pleasure and they will be absolved of all sins. Lakshmi Devi when your merciful looks are directed towards your devotees they are enriched in several ways; Such of ye, I te,ugu worship with my words, deeds, mind and heart. Sankaracarya felt it fit to pray Ganapati at the beginning of Kanakadhara Stotra.

In the name of Sarasvati the wife of Brahma; In the form of Lakshmi Devi the wife of Sri Narayana who protects the world; and as a kalarupini by name Sakambari incharge of time and as beloved parvati Devi Wife of Parameswara who is incharge of annihilation of the world, Salutations to such Sri Maha Lakshmi the queen of Visnu Murti the ruler of the three worlds. Maha Lakshmi; I always prostrate your feet. Whose eyes resembling the petals of lotuses, very brilliant with radiating form, the universal mother being worshipped by Devas and others, the most beloved to the preacher of Gita Sri Krisna.

Srimat Sankaracarya prayed to Srimaha Ganapati the elephant faced one before addressing Gouri the form of the kalpavrksa who fulfills all the desires of her devotees.

Damsel of the highest order! Having possessed with sensuous desire kqnakadharastavam half closed eyes, the beautiful, elegant visnu with all his love being enhanced and directed towards her, Rama devi Lakshmi having noticed it, with all Shyness shutting half of her eye lids looks at kanaakadharastavam Vishnu who is resting on Sesu The great Snake.

Sri Maha Vishnu resembles the groups of black clouds. Salutations to Lakshmi Devi whohas her face similar to lotus; born together with Candra Moon and divine Nectre Amrta and the queen of Visnu. When the wings less bird suffers due to intense heat, the cloud that comes in contact rains and subsides its heat and satisfies its thirst with the water. Possessing lotus like eyes, having lotuses in the hands, Adorned with white clothes, SriGandha fragrance kanakadbarastavam with flower garlands, granter of riches toall the three worlds; OH!


Grant me all auspiciousness and every happiness to me. Your benevolence flows like running waters with ocillating waves. You are well seated on the chest of Sri Maha Visnu who is thrilled with Ananda like the female cater pillars attached to the black Kamiga tree looking as kanakadharastavaam flowering buds. Salutations to Sri Maha Lakshmi the replica of all powerful energy. Like wise the benevolence of Lakshmi Devi kannakadharastavam promoted by the air generated by the clouds and thus erasing my long standing sins like the subdued heat and let wealth be rained similar like the wingless bird who has been satisfied.

I plead Lakshmi who kanakadharastavqm happiness to Visnu and being equal to the inner part of the black lotus, keep her benevolent askances looks on me for a while.

Maha Lakshmi your piercing looks are directed towards Knakadharastavam Maha Visnu who is shinning brilliantly with his koustubha garland decended on his chest and though is ye who is responsible for the immense light emanating from the Indra Kxnakadharastavam precious stones around his neck.

Humans inspite of their desire lessness to perform the sacred duties of yajnas, they are getting the impossible post of Devendra, the ruler of heaven when the merciful looks of Lakshmi Devi falls on them.

Who ever recites this kanakadhara stotra composed by Bhagavadpada Sankaracarya three tomes i. To the Sri Lakshmi I offer my pranamas. Sri Maha Visnu is capable of granting the entire empire comprising the three lokas earth, astral and celestial worlds to Devendra.


Click here to go back to the Veda Rahasya Home Page. Having eyes resempbling the petals of lotuses; being extolled kanakaduarastavam all the worlds OH! To such Sri Lakshmi I offer any salutations. Let that looks of Sri Lakshmi grant me all health. Let the merciful looks of Sri Devi who possesses the colour of lotus flower and who is well seated on it grant me the wishful wealth desired by me.

Salutations to Maha Lakshmi, the very incarnation of Vedas who is responsible for the benefits of yagas, Salutations to Sri maha Lakshmi who is ocean with qualities of mercy and kindness and the most lovable one. Let the looks of love of both Lakshmi Devi and Maha Visnu fall on me, purify me and grant all riches.


I am fit to be the first person for your mercy. The eight elephants who support the eight corners, bring Ganga water from heaven kanakaeharastavam golden pots and with trunks well lifted pour it as Abhiseka and as a result she has all the organs of the body well wet, the mother of all the worlds, the wife of Sri MahaVisnu the ruler of the three worlds, the daughter of the milky samudra. Further the very looks of yours are fulfilling the desires of Sri Maha Visnu.

SriMaha Lakshmi with her beautiful askances looks like the electric spark of the clouds.

Kanakadharastavam by Garikapati Narasimha Rao |

Hari Hara Subramanian,except where noted. Such endearing, benevolent looks of Sri Maha Lakshmi fall on me and grant me all auspicious celebrities. Have mercy on me and grant me all riches and wealth.

Let your kind looks fall on me and make me wealthy. Maha Lakshmi kindly direct your benevolent looks towards me. Ganesa pleasth Gouri with his fulfilent, over powering groups of his followers.

Being seated on the golden lotus throne, the presiding diety of the entire universe, possessing extreme mercy towards devas, the queen of sarangasura i. I am not a deceitful person.

Just as kanakadarastavam caterpillar very ;much eager to stay on the black lotus, Lakshmi devi with her beautiful looks of her eyes is impatient to see her lover Visnu Murti. Maha Lakshmi who is endowed with lotus like eyes and the wife Sri Maha Visnu direct your looks on me. Who ever worships Sri Maha Lakshmi the mother of the three worlds and the replica of Vedas daily with these praises of slokas, such devotees will be endowed with good qualities of character and will possess lot of wealth and also being applauded by scholars and worthy of reputation.