With the school admission notice, the required document of visa application for study in China (Form JWor JW), students apply for the student’s visa in. Today is July, 22, only around one month left until students from different countries have to fly to China to start their studies. The deadlines for. KCEL can arrange student visaX1, X2 for you according to your schedule and need. Click to know Chinese visa payment and application process.

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I got my F visa with no problems. We accept money order, cashiers check, certified check or cash. This letter shows the type of visa: Although they did not have any symptom of an infectious disease.

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F visa usually known as a business visa is issued to those who are invited to China for a visit, an investigation, a lecture, to do business, scientific-technological and culture exchanges, short-term advanced studies or internship for a period of no longer than six months. As for the medical test, I took one once and found it a bit of a joke, it wasn’t really thorough and some didn’t even do the tests and just gave me a stamp.

I have never pretended that it’s a national policy, nor is it an official government policy.


Please submit your actual passport. These are important documents you need to submit to the Exit-Entry Bureau of Shanghai Public Security Bureau js202 you apply for your residence permit after you enter China.

In this city, there was only one hopistal authorized to carry out health examinations for visa purposes. It is not the expiration date when you stay in China. Hence, we strongly advise the students to do physical examination in Shanghai.

JW Form details for MBBS study in China

Visa conditions vary in China according to people’s nationalities. They retook the same tests back home and they were all negative. The school might be willing to enrol you, but the health examination is carried out by a government authorized hospital.

The Chinese managers, experts in telling lies, first plotted with the police station that the employee’s visa duration of stay was not sufficient for the whole Z visa procedure and pretended that his brand new F jd202 brought from Macau could not be extended. They then said, the seats were sold out.

Posted November 20, This may seems like an unneccessarily long time, but please understand that the university has to prepare the JW form for you, which requires at least 2 weeks time. I have noticed that most Chinese universities and jw2002 are reluctant about sending a JW form to students still in their home countries.


Documents needed for visa application: X visa student visa are issued to those coming to China for study or an internship for longer than six months.

China Student Visa (X1/X2)

Otherwise, you must renew your passport first. From be sure to leave China or extend the visa before this date. Holder of X1 visa must register at local public security bureau within 30 days of arrival, where the China Residence Permit will be issued to replace X1 visa. Admission Express Bulletin Events Interview. Late arrival always disturbs the arrangement of the study schedule.

Posted December 27, In most cases, you must submit the completed original physical examination record when you start to apply your X visa. Not saying it ain’t true, but Where and when is this happening, exactly? Some non-US passport holders holding passport from countries on the attached list are required to apply in person. Please enter China before this date.

At his country’s embassy in Beijing, he was informed that his contract with the company was terminated.