With the school admission notice, the required document of visa application for study in China (Form JWor JW), students apply for the student’s visa in. Today is July, 22, only around one month left until students from different countries have to fly to China to start their studies. The deadlines for. KCEL can arrange student visaX1, X2 for you according to your schedule and need. Click to know Chinese visa payment and application process.

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They argue that it’s taking too much time and rather encourage students to come on a tourist visa that they promise to convert to j202 X visa in China. Posted November 20, For express service, visa will be ready for collection on the third working day. Photo needs to be taken within 6 months. Invitation Letter is not sufficient.

Request Information

Personal check or starter check is not acceptable. Is it difficult for a school to prepare and send it to a student? This is the best way to tell us your application is coming as well as your return address and contact information so that confirmation and status updated can be sent to you via email.

JW form yellow 2. They retook the same tests back home and they were all negative. If your passport has no blank visa pages left, you may add additional visa pages. F visa usually known as a business visa is issued to those who are invited to China for a visit, an investigation, a lecture, to do business, scientific-technological and culture exchanges, short-term advanced studies or internship for a period of no longer than six months.


To the best of my knowledge, it also happened in Yunnan province.

There are many other similar experiences that remain unknown to the general public and to foreigners in China and abroad. Application of China Visa: X1 is issued to students who go to China for study for more than 6 months. And we’re friendly about it too. The person I’am talking about was an African working for a local Sino-American company. I got my F visa with no problems. After two visa runs to Macau, the employee insisted about getting a Z visa, a work permit and a residence permit.

Here are the steps: L, H, F, TN.

China Student Visa X1, X2 Application | JW, JW Form

It’s easier said than done. Please print two copies of the confirmation page. They issued a fake report saying that the employee was suffering from a venereal disease and that he had to go back to his home country to be treated.

These schools do not tell applicants that this health examination is not a joke. In order to apply for China X Visa, please prepare and send in your application according to the detail requirement explained below.


What is JW201 and JW202 Form

This number shows the times that you can enter China. If you need to ship back to other international address, additional fee and time is needed, please call for detail. It was clearly mentioned on the form that suffering from such a disease was not a ground for visa refusal.

Racism against the above-mentioned races and nationalities is a reality in China. What applies to westerners does not apply to other people. Once you’re accepted, you will first receive an e-mail notification and then receive the admission package by postal mail in 4 to 8 weeks.

He ended up in jail before being deported from China. Photo printed on regular paper or photo of poor quality is not acceptable. X-student visa L-Tourist visa M-Business visa. According to our experiences, most of physical examination report done in home countries can not be fully verified.

Passport should have at least 12 months validity left. Getting a Student Visa. This confirms my suspicions. Click here to see if there is additional requirement for your jurisdiction. It’s rather a result of unfair decisions taken by some racist individuals because of their hatred against the above-mentioned nationalities, races and ethnic groups.