Jules-Benoît Stanislas Doinel du Val-Michel (December 8, , Moulins, Allier – March 16 or 17, ), also simply Jules Doinel, was an archivist and the. The theology of Doinel’s Gnostic (Neo-Albigensian) Church was based on a study of early Gnosticism, primarily that of Simon Magus and. Jules-Benoît Stanislas Doinel du Val-Michel (December 8, , Moulins, Allier — March 16 or 17, ), also simply Jules Doinel, was the founder of the.

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Jules Doinel

As stated in the series on ‘ Martinism’Papus wanted to create a Union of Initiatic orders and brotherhoods and at the time of the proclamation of Papus’ organization of initiatic- orders and societies consisted of: The palace in Nice became a meeting-place of Spiritists and Occultists.

At Contimporanul, Janco expounded a “revolutionary” vision of urban planning. In the first issue of the Gnostic review was published, “Le Reveil des Albigeois”. He briefly mentions a branch of the ‘ Gnostic Church’ which apparently existed around the time in Prague. His family moved to Paris when he was four years old, and he received his education there.

Doinel’s pseudo-name ‘ Jean Kostka’ was derived from the name of a 16th century early deceased hero of the Polish Jesuits, Stanislas Kostka.

The late 19th century saw the publication of popular sympathetic studies making use of recently rediscovered source materials. This page was last edited on 18 Octoberat Peithmann introduced certain sex-magical practises into this Grail Order, which he incorporated and developed later in a Church he founded aroundthe “Altgnostische Kirche von Eleusis” Ancient Gnostic Church of Eleusis”.


In Gustav Meyrink became a member of Peithmann’s Church, although his membership was short-lived. In Britain, Marie became interested in spiritualism, attending seances hosted by Florence Cook and taking an interest in the work of Allan Kardec. I visited Patriach Basilides, and he confirmed my powers to create congregations and parishes” in Spain and America. She’d inherited an incredible fortune after her first husband had died, the Duke of Pomar, and owned i.

The Gnostic Church was officially connected to Papus’ Martinist Order, one of the organizations under Papus’ leadership.

Member feedback about Geo Bogza: He studied their doctrines and became convinced that “Gnosticism was the true religion behind Freemasonry”. The original text can be found on pp and was translated into English by Elias Ibrahim.

Ecclesia Gnostica Catholica: Jules Stany Doinel: Ritual of the Breaking of the Bread

This biographical article about a French religious figure is a stub. Harmonius II also mentions Dr. It is known that Krumm-Heller was a disciple of Bishop Dr. Louis-Sophrone Fugairon Tau Sophroniusonce a close associate of Fabre des Essarts, decided also to join Bricaud’s schismatic branch.

Auteur:Jules Doinel

Some of the core teachings include the following: As a practising Spiritist he had recurring visions of the Divine Feminine ‘aspect ‘. List of Criterion Collection DVD and Blu-ray releases topic The Criterion logo The Criterion Collection is a video distribution company which specializes in licensing and selling “important classic and contemporary kules in “editions that offer the highest technical quality and award-winning, original supplements.


Galtier “Maconnerie Egyptienne …”. Member feedback about Jules Doinel: Antoine and Colette French: The Gnostics of Prague were not necessarily part of the Martinists and probably did not even belong to the French movement.

The Gnostic ideas and systems flourished doinfl the Mediterranean world in the second century AD, odinel conjunction with and influenced by the early Christian movements an They generally go on to follow a career as heritage curators in the archive and visual fields, as library curators or as lecturers and researchers in the human and social sciences.

List of archivists topic This is a list of archivists. Bricaud also published a “Gnostic Catechism” in The Duchess organized seances in the same oratorie that over the years served as the “Meditational Dionel of the “Societe d’Theosophique de Paris”. He designed some of the most innovative landmarks of downtown Bucharest.