Contiene un ensayo de Elka Fediuk sobre la Organización Teatral de la Universidad Veracruzana. TEATRO O ARTES ESCÉNICAS DUBATTI .. plantea un proyecto a largo plazo a partir de determinadas concepciones de teatro. Jorge Sago. otros tomaron la estafeta y continuaron reinventando el teatro de cada día. Maria Eugénia, Dubatti, Jorge, Dubbelman, Teun, DuBois, Page, Dubrovsky, Martin accused and condemned, accusés et condamnés, ACE/ Teatro do Bolhão Concepciones, Concepcionista, Concepções, Concepções de educação. Buscar una obra de teatro en este blog Teatral: introducción al Teatro Comparado Jorge Dubatti · Casanova Marcos CALZONUDO Y PUNTO!! .. en la Edad Media y concepciones estético ideológicas Jorge Dubatti · Poiret.

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Antrobus, because children are a thing only a parent can stand, and a home, Mrs.

Antrobus is looking forward to them. Have you gone crazy? Hm —let me see. This is just a storm like any other storm.

Now let’s go and help Sabina. And the promise I gave you made up for mine. Do you hear me? If you just please begin the alphabet slowly. What are you scared of? You’re going to study history and algebra —and so are Gladys and me —and philosophy.

You’ve let the fire go out! Antrobus is going to divorce his wife and marry me. Tell me my future, Mrs.


Look at how she acts —a quitter. We have to stop a moment. And the emptiness fills up with one thought: As soon as someone grows some food. What do you mean, George? She speaks to someone behind her. We’re ready to go live Mr. You didn’t make a mistake? And you didn’t last —you sank to the kitchen. Well, Henry rose right to the top. George, while Gladys and I were living here —like moles, like rats, and when we were at our wits’ end to save the baby’s life the only thought we clung to was that you were going to bring something good out of this suffering.

Well, let’s not talk about it. All right, I’ll tell you my future. Stop arguing and go on with your work.

: THE SKIN OF OUR TEETH Thornton Wilder

Thank you, my dear. That’s a good little fellow. I have something I wish to say to the audience. I didn’t even marry you because I loved you. That’s to make you remember today. I’m going a long way from here and make my teagro world that’s fit for a man to live in. That idiot director said it would be good for me: Blocked our way at every step.


Take a deep breath, —the war’s over, MRS. Children, will you be quiet while I ask your father a simple question? Over and over again. I was very good in school today. It’s girls like I who inspire the multiplication table.


Thank God we’ve found tatro at last. God’s Heaven, haven’t I worked enough? And most of all now. I’m just an ordinary girl, you know what I mean. Why, George Antrobus, how can you say such a thing!

I haven’t one single thing to say. Don’t worry children about cold just keep them warm.

I used to think something could be done about it; but I know better now. It’s a little against the law. Huuuurry and put things in order.

And in the bottle’s a letter. Starve your own children before your very teafro, all for some American Idol wannabes. Everybody’s in the way, except one’s self. And if any man harm anyone of us, his soul—the only soul he’s got —had better be at the bottom of that ocean, —and that’s the only way to put it.