The first posts using John Titor’s military symbol appeared on the Time Travel Not all refer to the original dates posted. Would you believe it? Fifteen years ago, on March 24, , the individual posting as John Titor left his final message on the Post2Post Art Bell. If you’d like to read Titor’s original posts, has them available on their website (here’s another version with better formatting).

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Time travel is REAL. They all know how to do it from the newest Mom in our group to the oldest man me. A second thread was also made due to shortcomings in the forum software at the time.

The John Titor thread

A review of the top predictions at site. After the war, the United States had split into five separate regions based on the various titkr and military objectives they each had.

Fifteen years ago, on March 24,the individual posting as John Titor left his final message on the Post2Post Art Bell forum, leaving behind a timeless mystery, and one of my favorite urban legends of the information age.

However you seem to spend a great amount of time talking about TT. No, I have not lost all my skeptism and you are constantly acting on your own assumptions and fears.

You are a time traveler who wishes to go back in time to because your grandparents live close to Pearl Harbor in Hawaii. The question was is it a loop; will it decay and how long will it take to decay? There are mass limits to what can be taken back.


This IBM computer you talk of having to go back in time to get is the first thing that does not make sense to me. We killed most of them by We will start Star Wars, to protect ourselves. You are also correct but I want to add a twist to your thinking. As amazing as it would sound, the jet would be invented about thirty years later.

The questions about the president and space travel are reasonable but now we come to a conflict between physics and ethics. Hard labor, community service, banishment you must move to another communitypublic execution. There will be a lot of little weapons that will miss their targets. I remember you saying that your point of this was to come on and get people to at least accept the possibility of time travel, well no kidding, great time traveller…sheesh.

Who won the Super Bowl in ? There are two cases and two points of view to consider.

The John Titor thread | Paranormal Forum: Where Things Go Bump In The Night

This could be a good exercise in Logic and Critical Thinking. Titor claimed that as a year-old inhe joined the Fighting Diamondbacks, a shotgun infantry unit in Florida, for at least four years.

He put himself in this position. The unit has a ramp up time after the destination coordinates are fed into the computers. The river floods sometimes and we have access to the Gulf.

Large, kinetic energy inducing effects of the gravity field are compensated for by the interaction of the singularities. They know exactly who I am and how I got here. There have been a great many questions piling up that I do plan to get to. Throughout history, farmers have often been a target of oppression because they are absolutely necessary to civilization but too busy to defend themselves. More people know how to read music and play together in small groups.


John, Does the U. That conflict flares up and down for origina years. Unfortunatly, winners of historical sports betting events are not high on the priority list of people in The grandfather paradox is impossible.

You need it for everything and there is very little left in the world that is positively safe to drink. Is the Chevy truck better than the Ford truck for time travel. I have been trying to get people to pay attention for the last few months but to see it unfold is oriiginal interesting.

Original John Titor Posts (Post2Post Art Bell Forum) – Part 1 – Paranoia Magazine

Main computer units 3. Is the general population more interested in a mind-baffling time-travel technology, or b the events and observances of a time-traveller? And I have no subliminal motive, because that would go against everything I stand for.

Electron injection manifold to alter mass and gravity of microsingularities.