For those who may have come across the book The Christian Delusion: Why Faith Fails, edited by John W. Loftus, here is a free online book. Welcome to the official companion website for The Christian Delusion: Why Faith Fails, edited by John W. Loftus, and published by Prometheus Books. In fifteen. The Christian Delusion by John Loftus, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide.

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Now do you understand?

The atheists of today are different from those of a generation ago. The second clip I think shows the proper attitude: When you use language like this, it appears that you are stating a hypothetical situation in which if God did exist, he would be at fault.

The Christian Delusion

Your linking of Hitler and the Catholic Church is at best a ridiculously biased oversimplification, more likely straight up slander, and both that and the linking of the Orthodox Church with Stalin are great examples of blaming the victim.

A few of the chapters are fine essays on their own. Christizn quotes Luther and affirms his Christianity in Mein Kempf.

Personally, I would hope that most people are humbly skeptical and are willing to speak up when nonsense is promoted in any field or by any person. Why are you bringing it up?

That is totally cool, and expected, so Bart Ehrman, or Paul Tobin do not worry me at all. While I can’t say I was particularly impressed cognitively by any of his essays, his one “The Outsider Test for Faith Revisited” is a must read for Theists and presents a very thoughtful Loftus; in other words, he’s not just regurgitating others works, he is seriously trying to be original in thought it’s certainly debatable how original the OTF is in principle, but Loftus does some cognitive surgery and refinement that is all hisand this is most commendable.


John, Good point about the wording. What is God like Atheism: Carrier Goodreads Author Contributor. Trivia About The Christian Del It could also be a result of God wiring us that way. I do understand that there is a lot of pain and suffering in war. Since that was his focus Eddy and Boyd’s work, that is then that is where his arguments land–in their lap. Or of course, to simply ignore it and pretend you never read it while picking up the next book by Strobel or Copan.

It can animate good and bad depending on the person wielding it. The problem of evil as denoted in the Bible and the amount of animal suffering. Some of the essayists do come off as heavy handed, but none ore mean spirited and all of them are done by people with impressive credentials in theology, philosophy, bible studies and history.

Animals and humans do horrible things to each other. It comes with the territory of debate over contentious issues. But it takes two to tango. I am amazed at the stunted view of the intuition and conscience that materialists have because they reject all such subjective referents. Written by skeptics for the already un convinced. If you are a Christian, and you care that your beliefs correspond to reality as closely as possible then you must take a look at this book.

CPBD 037: John Loftus – The Christian Delusion

Carrier is jihn in his element here, decisively refuting scholars like Stark and Jaki who claim such things. That about sums up the tone of the book. Filled with numerous essays on this subject, several in particular deal a severe blow to the very heart of Christianity.

Return to Book Page. Why should such evidence as is dhristian by the people you quote lead them to reject common ancestry and embrace design? An analysis of Christian culture. This is a good collection of essays compiled by John Loftus. Common fallacies including that Christianity lead to science. However, the amount of mayhem created by the use or chrustian of the Bible throughout history is a bit of a red herring.


So the end result will undoubtedly not be as devastating as it should be.

How John Loftus’s The Christian Delusion Fails: Part One – Thinking Christian

After covering historical inaccuracies, the book discusses the problem with Biblical interpretation. But perhaps this is absurd. In addition to 1, ask yourself this: We use cookies to give you the best possible experience. It’s not required reading for most of us, but if you ever spend the time reading Copan’s argument you should supplement it with this chapter.

Just count the same devout christians who have enabled horror. Of course, most believers will not even read this book, and many who do will not fully consider the implications.

While a couple of essays are thought provoking, too many of them feel snotty. It was clear to me that John did prepare and was likely reading from some notesand John was honest enough to admit he was mistaken in a few places.

The thirty years war was not based on your apologetic rationalization. Too many are needlessly repetitive, and overburdened with little, technical details.

I bear you no ill, and thank you for your contributions to clarifying the issues.