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Find the most up-to-date version of JSA – JIS B at Engineering Find the most up-to-date version of JIS B at Engineering JIS B Calculation standards for steel structures of cranes (Foreign Standard). Available for Subscriptions. Content Provider Japanese Industrial.

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Primary calibration by high impact shocks Part Evaluation and measurement for vibration in buildings. Condition monitoring and diagnostics of machines — Requirements for training and certification of personnel Part 1: Hand-arm vibration – Guidelines for vibration hazards reduction – Engineering and management measures CR and CR Primary vibration calibration by reciprocity method.

JIS B – Calculation standards for steel structures of cranes (Foreign Standard)

Measurement of vibration induced by portable, internal combustion engine brush saws. Mechanical vibrations, oscillation and vibration systems Part 1: Mechanical vibration and shock.

Mechanical vibration–Measurement and analysis of vibration to which passengers and crew are exposed in railway jid. Calibration by Earth’s gravitation Part 6: Complete, filled transport packages and unit loads.

Management measures uis the workplace S Acoustics. General requirements Part Indirect method for determination of the dynamic stiffness of resilient supports for translatory motion Part 4: Transverse length extension vibration mode for bar.

Jiz method Part 2: Rotating electrical machines Part Automatic recording systems for measuring random shock while monitoring transports DIN Plain bearings Part 3: Test code for the measurement of structure-borne noise emitted from high-speed and medium-speed reciprocating internal combustion engines measured at the engine feet ISO Industrial fans — Performance testing of jet fans ISO Packaging.


Practical guidance for measurement at the workplace ISO Mechanical vibration and shock affecting man — Vocabulary ISO Mechanical vibration and shock — Range of idealized values to characterize seated-body biodynamic response under vertical vibration ISO Auxiliary tables for vibration generators — Methods of describing equipment characteristics ISO Determination of dynamic mechanical properties ISO Guide to evaluation of the response of occupants of fixed structures, especially buildings and offshore structures, to low-frequency horizontal motion 0.

Accelerometer resonance testing — General methods.

Determination of static and dynamic characteristics in the track under operation DIN DIN Exposure to mechanical vibration transmitted to the hand-arm system Part 2: Method for the measurement jie evaluation of the vibration transmissibility of gloves at the palm of the hand.

Guidelines for the evaluation jiis the effects of vibration and rotational motion on passenger and crew comfort in fixed-guideway transport v Part 5: Sinusoidal vibration tests using a variable frequency. Exposure to whole-body mechanical vibration and repeated shock ISO ISO Mechanical vibration — Vibrotactile perception thresholds for the assessment of nerve dysfunction Part 1: CR CR Testing of acoustic sensitivity Part Specifies generators with outputs greater than 0.

Mechanical vibration – Measurement of vibration on ships – Part 2: Shock and vibration – prognosis, measurement, evaluation and reduction measures Part 3: Balance his ISO Measurement of exposure to occupational vibration Part 1: Guidelines for the measurement, reporting and evaluation of vibration with regard to habitability on passenger and merchant ships withdrawn and replaced by ISO Primary vibration calibration by laser interferometry at low frequencies Part Engineering methods by design of machinery Part 2: Mechanical vibration and shock–Measurement and evaluation of vibration effects on buildings–Guidelines for the use of basic standard methods.


Effects on structures DIN Construction supervision: Reciprocating internal combustion engine driven alternating current generating sets.

JIS-B | Calculation Standards for steel structures of cranes | Document Center, Inc.

Methods for the calibration of g and shock transducers Part 1: Experimental determination of mechanical mobility ISO Measurement and evaluation of mechanical vibrations. Measuring method Part 3: Servo-hydraulic test equipment for generating vibration — Method of describing characteristics.

Vibration condition monitoring and diagnostics. Determination of Permissible Residual Unbalance.

J-GLOBAL – Japan Science and Technology Agency

Measurement of structure-borne sound of rolling element bearings in machines and plants for evaluation of condition. Basic requirements ISO Isolation elements, materials and component parts of isolation.

Primary shock calibration using laser interferometry Part Secondary airborne sound — basics, prognosis, measurement, evaluation and reduction measures.

Methods of testing plastics ISO Equipment to be used in a shock mode draft standard.