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Read 3 answers by scientists with 1 recommendation from their colleagues to the question asked by Daniel Martinez Krahmer on Dec 17, JIS B Mechanical power presses — Testing of the accuracy (FOREIGN STANDARD. Find the most up-to-date version of JIS B at Engineering

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It’s hardly recognizable to the operator if the torque limiter functions under the overload condition.

This accurately machined steel fabricated box type slide runs in extra long gibs fitted with PB liners, eliminating any possibility of tilting and maintains the parallelism of face even at off center loading. Frame is stretched by three times This three time figure shows the maximum applied load of the press. The required speed is previously set on touch panel or by setting dial. At the time of overload, by exceeding the rating capacity tonnage, the sensitive Hydraulic Overload Protection device senses the overload with a millisecond and immediately stops the machine.

The capacity of screw press should be used with the nominal capacity. Suitable centralized Motorised Lubrication Pump. Because the press is designed to deform product, not for assuming of crashing tools themselves repeatedly.

Evaluation of 6042 screw press capacity is made with testing a work piece in cold compression. You may recognize from the above discussion that the load gauge display quite differs when smash up a test piece or strike die against die even if n forming energy is the same.


Squirrel Cage Electric Motor. If the preset value is small, the slide is clutched off right after acceleration and it descends evenly with inertia. Naturally, if you form product under the same condition, the slide speed adjustment is proportional to the load gauge display.


The frames are stress relieved before machining. Using the allowable capacity is disputable from the point of fair business transaction.

Attention is required that there is no relationship or relativity between the forming energy and the load display. The bb gauge simply displays the result of nis many kN loaded to the frame. It is just a matter of revolution energy usage whether it is used for work piece compression or the frame deformation. Crank Shaft The 4602 shaft would be of forged and normalized medium carbon steel to ensure toughness and shock resistance.

Acceleration and speed reduction are combined automatically to apply power with the Minimum time for one cycle. Hydraulic Overload Protection The machine is equipped with a standard pneumatically operated hydraulic overload safety device. The machine is made operational by pushing the reset button. Rotary 3 position Cam Limit Switch. The clutch is engaged through air pressure.

In other word, as the compression value for the testing piece is criterion, set the figures of equivalent amount on the load gauge. Brake motor drives the worn shaft and wheel made of P. Here a problem occurs how much the allowable applied load of a press being set witch coming from rigidity design of machine. It becomes quite expensive machine though we could manufacture it. In screw press, the flywheel revolution energy is consumed one hundred percent in each press cycle.


Therefore, the press needs to have emergency stop mechanism if the overload happened. Emergency stopwatch would be provided in the control panel. Its control is where the point to clutch off, not revolution control like inverter motor. The allowable performance for the former is 1.

JIS B – Mechanical power presses — Testing of the accuracy (FOREIGN STANDARD)

Jiz case of the operation, hard-on-hard, in which striking die against die with the same condition as the above item? Our company does not employ this method because in case of hardened spring adjustment of the torque limiter by mistake, machine may always running with overload and finally machine may brake.

Also, these are proportional to slide descending speed, too. Surely, it is possible, however, can you imagine and would like to have 64022 screw press that has the frame of kN press with flywheel of kN press and is used as nominal capacity of kN press?

Since the screw press has no mechanical lower-dead-point, the machine never stops caused from overload stick like the crank press machine.

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