A review, and links to other information about and reviews of Moment of Freedom by Jens Bjørneboe. MOMENT OF FREEDOM: The Heiligenberg Manuscript by Jens Bjorneboe’s Witness/Searcher recites his existential primer–to stay sane one. Booktopia has Moment of Freedom, B by Jens Bjorneboe. Buy a discounted Paperback of Moment of Freedom online from Australia’s leading online bookstore.

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Aug 20, Lin Karlsen rated it really liked it.


The torrent it causes upshot a cataclysm which spares no one. Thousands of swirling, shattering, mirroring plots glimpsed through the rambles and rants of the narrator.

Der Augenblick der Freiheit – Deutschland. But can this survival by indifference, despite of o melancholy, be called a state of freedom?

Colours such a red, black and grey play predominant parts throughout the book, which is divided into three sections: What disturbed him the most about them wasn’t their cruelty, but their unlimited greed, their senseless haben-haben mentality, and their lust for other peoples’s food, money, land, women, paired with their quaint and moralizing holier-than-thou complacency.

He was also a painter and a waldorf school teacher. His memory freeom riddled with holes–he doesn’t even remember his own name or who he is. Acknowledging his Germanic past, the narrator realizes that all his attempts to perceive order in jebs lead only to his acceptance of the chaos of life. That would not be a good idea at all. Freeedom was meant to be the killer as it affected the mind, as did white Alsatian wine.

The only peace attained is illusive; an adherence to injustice, to tolerate unfreedom, to cure oneself of the burden of impossible freedom.

Mar 15, Jonathan rated it it was amazing Shelves: First Edition Hardcover Jul W. The picture is heavily and thickly painted, with the colors hanging in coarse clumps–and all this weight is in Josephsson’s spirit transformed into lightness, to light, to a vibrant shimmer, to a world which is no longer of earth, but momwnt light, all the pain of sickness and decay has jems into joy in life, to la grande joie de vivre ; the world has once again become borneboe flowering, matter is conquered, and the old man’s face, his smile–like the smiles of the others–lies, like the whole painting, between laughter and tears, lies in a double light, in a fissure between smiles and seriousness which–as the great Servant of Justice Hans E.


They want to eat the world, and to eat the world they must have all the money and all the things, all the cars and fur coats on the earth. I laughed many laughs which ended in tears of guilt and shame. The first novel in the acclaimed “History of Bestiality” trilogy. It is a powerful, upsetting text, a convincing record by this torn man who has experienced so much and now withdrawn so completely if unsuccessfully.

The tone is ffreedom, ironical, and in parts cynical.

Moment of freedom

It will be exciting to see biorneboe I’m suffering from a sickness unto death or a sickness unto life. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Elisabeth rated it it was amazing Sep 17, Makes perfect sense, but I have never heard anyone explain it that way let alone do the math.

Alcohol and its effects are quite ludicrously shown but so marvellously portrayed. Nov 26, jeremy rated it really liked it Shelves: I have filled the role which others expected or demanded of me.

Moment of Freedom is an account by an anonymous narrator. With echoes of Nietzsche and Uens, we see him striving to live uncoerced bmorneboe power, unpersuaded by friends, to take for himself the liberty of stating his critique in order to live in his own moment of truth, to stand far out at the edge of the abyss. The other thing that almost wrecked this novel is that about toward the end it threatened to go all existentialist.

Moment of freedom ( edition) | Open Library

Once tell the truth and there’ll be no way back, no more contact, conviviality, community with people. Det er vel helst innhaldet som er viktig. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account.

I don’t how the English translation is, but he writes beautifully in Norwegian. It’s a revaluation of all norms, on one’s own responsibility. So most of those ratings are by Norwegian readers. Is it because we are undeserving of truth? View all 60 comments. And amidst all this, life still continues on the ration of indifference.


Every time I’ve had a chance to observe bhorneboe outbreak of psychosis or a first-rate clinical anxiety neurosis the signal has been given in the absence of humor—the moment one takes the world with complete seriousness one is potentially insane. But there is a truth in it too. Is the significant sliver of freedom followed by a blinding light of truth burdensome in some inexplicable way? Ablaze in the anguish of a never ending human conflict, the ghost of humanity rises from the ashes in unnerving bestiality.

It isn’t so inexorable, because a lie can be made right again, it can be corrected with a new lie, it isn’t final and absolute. This review has been bjornebor because it contains spoilers. After reading the author’s biography, I have to recognize that the initial statement is not quite correct.

So do read this book. He’s “rounding out my forty-sixth year”, and is an important enough figure to be modestly respected in the area. Moment of Freedom is an account of a Dantesque journey through the hell of the Europe of his time. But aside from court records he has been keeping his own long and detailed account of man’s cruelty to man freedim a massive twelve-volume study he calls his History of Bestiality. But it’s a different relationship. Beside the old man are standing in the same all-effacing and flickering light the old wife, a little child, and a young woman.

Moment of Freedom: The Heiligenberg Manuscript – Jens Bjørneboe – Google Books

Quite the contrary, I suffer from an excess of identity, from an ego which is as solid and massive as a boulder. So I write a little almost every day, but it doesn’t help much, because I carefully avoid writing bojrneboe single word which has anything to do with the truth.

But he suffers for it too: What the narrator lives through and relates is jehs life, on the periphery of what seem the most significant events and horrors — and what he shows is that man’s perfidy dominates even or: