Bestselling master of suspense Jeffery Deaver is back with a brand-new Lincoln Rhyme thriller. Lincoln Rhyme and partner/paramour Amelia Sachs return to. The Broken Window: A Lincoln Rhyme Novel. Jeffery Deaver, Author. Simon & Schuster $ (p) ISBN When “” learns the identities of the crime-fighting team, the hunters become the hunted. Full of Deaver’s trademark plot twists, The Broken Window will put.

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The Broken Window : Lincoln Rhyme Book 8

Lincoln Rhyme 1 – 10 of 14 books. And he is using his knowledge to broksn your death. I thee care who you are, putting ‘v’ve at the end of a word is simply not acceptable. Broksn “Broken Window”, Lincoln Rhyme returns with a dazzle after his last adventure “Cold Moon” which had a left us in a shock can’t reveal any details. Some facet of a story is left trailing to be picked up in another story. I think he really shows the dangers of jeffdry the invasion of privacy issues we deal with in our daily lives, showing just how all the seemingly random bits of data collected in our lives can and are probably right now being used by Big Brother to track our every move.

The book turns out to contain an RFID tag. Weshalb dann nicht die volle Punktzahl? Rhyme’s team realizes this “perfect” evidence may actually be the result of masterful identity theft and manipulation. Story of a perpetrator’s use of data mining techniques to set up perfect crimes and frame perfect strangers for the crimes.

Scared me spitless, deavver here I sit sharing information about my reading preferences on the web. Masterminds How do you keep it fresh. E’ un libro scorrevole che si lascia leggere con molto piacere. The Skin Collector by Jeffery Deaver. The source of the personal data used by the perpetrator In this eighth book in the reaver, wheelchair-bound criminalist Lincoln Rhyme and his partner, detective Amelia Sachs, are drawn into the investigation when Lincoln’s cousin Arthur Rhyme is arrested for murder.


Gordon is about to kill Amelia when Robert Jorgensen breaks into his house.

He absolutely does a masterful job making connections. More books by Jeffery Deaver.

The Broken Window Book Summary and Study Guide

The longer the book went on the more ridiculous the plot became. They contact an jeffefy shoe company they think the killer used, and the company reveals they use a data mining company called Strategic Systems Datacorp, which is based in NY. Finally we hear the conclusion of the UK case, which failed due to a fake-out by the hitman. Mostly because I have big issues with an author using lazy words or technically fake words like ‘people’ve’ and ‘might’v’ve’.

This will not be going back on my bookshelf.

Mar 15, Beth rated it liked it. He is beginning to think like a criminalist.

The Broken Window: Lincoln Rhyme Book 8 by Jeffery Deaver – Books – Hachette Australia

Videos About This Book. Amelia originally thought he was unbalanced and he might have been.

Praise for The Broken Window: And who could have access to it? He is about to get away with the perfect murder.

He knows you, better than you know yourself. Jrffery 22, Gloria Bernal rated it liked it. Close cookie policy overlay. This whole story-line ticked me off and wrecked the flow of the book.

Lincoln Rhyme Book 2. Idenity Theft leads to murder.

YES I have read and consent to Hachette Australia using my personal information or data as set out in its Privacy Policy and I understand I have the right to withdraw my consent at any time. Molto bella la parte sulla giovinezza di Rhyme. Meanwhile Lincoln has realized that SSD has lied about the data it collects, the files they released are clearly a fraction of the data collected, the real files contain mountains of data on every person, including realtime updates on their whereabouts and purchases any time they pass a CCTV, use a credit card, or move near an RFID chip reader.


But when Rhyme and his crew look into the s This is the latest Lincoln Rhyme novel from Jeffrey Deaver Rhyme, a forensic consultant for the NYPD, and his detective partner, Amelia Sachs, take on a psychotic mastermind who uses data mining—the business of the twenty-first century, not only to select and hunt down his victims but also to frame the crimes on complete innocents. His cousin Arthur Rhyme is accused of a brutal murder and Arthur’s wife Judy contacts Lincoln for help, convinced her husband is innocent.

One of the deavsr officers is suspended by Internal Affairs after testing positive for heroin, cocaine, and LSD, Pulaski’s wife is picked deaveg by immigration services despite being fourth generation American.

THE BROKEN WINDOW by Jeffery Deaver | Kirkus Reviews

Amelia visits and finds Jorgensen to be a deeply paranoid man. They figure out that is somehow monitoring the purchasing habits of his victims. This one was a creepy story about identity theft dever its very worst – the big problem for me is that I can totally see this happening in the world today – makes me want to throw away all my store club cards and credit cards and live “off the grid.