Jeevan arogya 1. Jeevan Arogya Plan No: ; 2. Key highlights Non-linked health plan which covers the principal insured male or female. Lic Jeevan Arogya is a distinctive plan which offers the health insurance cover facing certain health risks and in the case of any medical emergency at that.

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No charges for this benefit shall be deducted after the benefit ceases.

Similarly for a block of 3 years premiums will not be revised on renewals also. On exhausting all the lifetime maximum Benefit Limits as specified in Para 11 above; iii. The minimum and maximum age at entry is as under:. Circumcision, cosmetic or aesthetic treatments of any description, change of gender surgery, plastic surgery unless such plastic surgery is necessary for the treatment of Illness or accidental Bodily Injury as a direct result of the insured event and performed with in 6 months of the same.

Choose the level of Health cover you need: A Hospital Cash Benefit: They have to be added within 6 months of marriage. They do not have to wait for the hospitalisation to get over to get the total amount. Notify me of new posts by email.

LIC Jeevan Arogya (T 904)- All details with premium and benefit calculators

Can you make your query a little more clear? Reply how good is this to cover person 1: Benefits provided in this policy is irrespective of the actual expenses incurred and is in addition to any other health insurance cover that insured may have.

Your Quote Form has been sent successfully. If the number of Surgical Procedures eligible for the Day Care Procedure Benefit in respect of an Insured equals this lifetime maximum limit, the Day Care Procedure Benefit in respect of that Insured will cease immediately.


The amount arrogya tax as per the prevailing rates shall be payable by the Policyholder on premiums including extra premiums, if any.

The policy shall terminate at the earliest of the following: So why let any medical emergencies shatter your peace of mind.

Lic Jeevan Arogya

Treatment for benign thyroid disorders x. Other terms and conditions including premium rates will be as applicable for the new policy. The cover though will only start from the next policy anniversary. Upon attainment of this lifetime maximum limit, the Other Surgical Benefit in respect of that Insured will cease immediately. Insurance is the subject matter of solicitation.

Children are insured up to age 25 years. If any of the member insured is required to stay in an Intensive Care Unit of a hospital, two times the Applicable Daily Benefit will be payable subject to benefit limits and conditions mentioned in Para 11A and exclusions mentioned in Para 15 below.

The premium rates in respect of each insured member on renewal will be based on age of that member at the time of inclusion into the policy. Mere silence is not fraud unless, depending on circumstances of the case, it is the duty of the insured or his agent keeping silence to speak or silence is in itself equivalent to speak.

No surrender value will be available under the plan.

Fraud means any of the following acts committed by insured or by his agent, with the intent to deceive the insurer or to induce the insurer to issue a life insurance policy:. If the policy is revived after discontinuance of the Cover then the following shall apply in respect of each Insured:. Valuable financial protection in case of hospitalisation, surgery etc Increasing Health cover every year Lump sum benefit irrespective of actual medical costs No claim benefit Flexible benefit limit to choose from Flexible premium payment options LIC’s Jeevan Arogya Plan No: Let us consider the example of Mr.


For this, the insurer should communicate in writing to the insured or legal representative or nominee or assignees of insured, as applicable, mentioning the ground and materials on which decision to repudiate the policy of life insurance is based. Treatment for degenerative joint conditions xiii. In the event that a Major Surgical Benefit falling under Category aarogya or Category 2 as mentioned in the Major Surgical Benefit Annexure is payable in respect of any Insured jedvan under the policy, the total annualized premium i.

If the request for revival is received by the Corporation beyond 90 ninety days from the due date of the first unpaid premium, then there shall be a general waiting period of 90 ninety days from the Date of Revival in respect of each Insured. Taxes, if any, shall be as per the Tax laws and the rate of tax shall be as applicable from time to time.

LIC Jeevan Arogya (T )- All details with premium and benefit calculators – Insurance Funda

Thereafter, this amount in each Policy Year in future shall remain at that maximum level attained. The revival of the discontinued policy shall take effect only after the same is approved by arotya Corporation and is specifically communicated to the PI.

Please use this calculator to get the benefits available if people with mentioned age takes a Jevan arogya policy. On the ground of fraud, a policy of Life Insurance may be called in question within 3 years from a.