JBL. The SR Story. The SR Series is the result of more than two years To meet this objective, JBL marketing and . The SR is designed directly. Thank you for purchasing the JBL SR Series II loudspeaker system. . Except for subwoofers and the SRA-T, all JBL SR Series Il systems can be operated. Find great deals for JBL Sr Speaker 3-way Crossover With Input Panel PN Shop with confidence on eBay!.

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Another example would be the really bad construction quality of the SR-X, but since you going to build the cabs by yourself Tha DJ experance isnt da only. JD01 As with other responses, I appreciate your input. Maybe you are pissed off right now or your daddy always told you that JBL is great.

The rigs don’t sound that bad, its just those damn horns. You cannot post new topics in this forum You cannot reply to topics in this forum You cannot delete your posts in this forum You cannot edit your posts in this forum You cannot create polls in this forum You cannot vote in polls in this forum.

As with other responses, I appreciate your input. Ok, the rig didnt sound bad, but it didnt inpress me. NO low pass for the 2 12″ers! I just want to know why in the world someone would like to built that crappy gear. Ahhh the TR series Just for completion, the new SR7xx line is pretty good! I dont think anyone will bother measuring them to see if they are exactly the same so long as you dont link up with another system that has the authentic ones.


JBL Sr4732 Speaker 3-way Crossover With Input Panel PN 71937

Sr7432 have no poor relationship with my dad. The only reasons I know are. Maybe you are pissed off right now or your daddy always told you that JBL is great I am passive, content and happy.

Theres something wrong in those speakers. The far smaller Beyma loaded ASS system they used to use sounded much smoother unusually for ASSlouder and was far more robust in terms of driver and cabinet construction.

Ive mixed a number of different bands an a system made out of 4 HLA subs and 9 Array tops a side. I heard SRX at an outdoors gig with sf4732 music not djs ,sounded ‘ok’ but not much reference They DO really good products for those big things, but not hte SR-series and below.

Bet you can’t guess which ones sounded superior and had plenty more bottom end and due to being EQ’d far less in that region,had better output Because they kbl good stuff in the 80s and are still building good stuff, that is extremely expensive. You can get your construction drawings directly from JBL.


JBL SR4732 Plans

Unless you have these plans hidden under your bed Why does the JBL series have the better image? A venue I used to work for has invested in SR Series2 A, on horn and I have to say Im very disappointed in them.

Ive probably arrived a bit late for the party on this one. The only reasons I know are 1.

Your extended and angry addition suggests that possibly you had a poor relationship with your daddy. I hope the SRs are better and I wish you luck building them Edited jb godathunder.

JBL SR Plans – Forums – Page 2

In fact when I opened the boxes,found a HALF baffle then plastic trim to the top of the cab,no damping,tiny inductor coils,equally tiny HF driver,bass driver looked like an eminence alpha 15 etc. Otherwise borrowing mbl real cabs and copying them must me the only way to go! Behringer are supposed to be rather ordinary It takes you a day to tune the bloody thing.