JBL 4435 PDF

Specifications. Type: 2 way, 2 driver loudspeaker system. Frequency Response: 30Hz to 16kHz. Power Handling: W. Crossover Frequency. I’ve got an opportunity to buy a pair of JBL studio monitors for 5K, just wondering is it worth the money. Anybody got this model and can. I agree with the report of Mattera. Pregnant with a very respectable volume, which offer substantial firepower. It takes watts (and big) to make them sound.

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Does your source have a low output level, I wonder? Much lower harmonic distortion from the woofers. The sound is out of this world!!!!!!!!!!!! The acoustic lenses is a big compromise.

Yes, my password is: I don’t think its so much a matter of whats better as it is that you shouldn’t pass up an opportunity to grab original cabinets. Thats very old compromised technology. 44435Zonker92 and hjames like this. So the question is whether you value sonics over sex appeal. I am in the middle of one now. It’s in your best interest to check out these details yourself.

For some one wanting to run them right up to the edge, maybe a MC or preferred MC in pairs.

HUGE Single 1 Pc. JBL Studio Monitor Speaker | eBay

This site uses cookies bjl help personalise content, tailor your experience and to keep you logged in if you register. The settings remain on separate medium acute compression, but even active, we can feel a little lack of tweeter, following the implementation, due 4453 a more robust low end. I rarely put more than 20 watts plus peaks into them. At 96 dB, the s are quite efficient. Share This Page Tweet.


I have also passively biamped them with Macs on the woofers and the 44335 up top, which works well, too. Zonker92Dec 7, I have AL Radian diaphragms in my horns, so no Ti harshness. The speakers themselves have only 2 small flaws, one is a small chip on the backside, and the other is a 3 inch section of cloth a cat had its way with.

My friend has Bryson 4b sst I might be able to get my hand on.

JBL 4435 owners. Dilemma that could halt ALL my speaker projects

After hearing the sound come from everywhere, I might be in for some big trouble RS SteveNov 8, For practical matter, the will be a lot easer to work on for repairs and upgrades. The time now is They seem to have a smoother and more natural midrange, along with that amazing JBL punch jbo dynamics.

A few minutes ago, while listening to them, I realized that the music wasn’t coming from the speakers at all. Shipping is possible, but neither easy or cheap. Originally Posted by Titanium Dome.

HUGE Single 1 Pc. JBL 4435 Studio Monitor Speaker

I thought I read they need about watts to run correctly. That probably doesn’t help much. Make a call to check out the area code and number are correct, too Name and address including postcode Valid e-mail address DO NOT proceed with a deal until you are completely satisfied with all details being correct.

Have you cycled and cleaned the L pads and biamp switches? They are massive speakers 44435 weigh in at Kg each. Zonker92Oct 20, I really dont want to experiment with this amp or that amp, kinda want to just jbbl for it and get it right the first time. That would totally depend on your ears. I can say that the speaker is very unfussy about placement.

And let me know if you decide not to get it; a friend of mine might want it. Not advertised elsewhere Prefer goods collected?: I guess it’s kind of compared to what? Brad MullerOct 20, I power my ‘s with an MC and if I had my hands on a pair of ‘s I’d go with the same amp as a minimum. They might move for a little less or if they weren’t local pickup only.


I’m thinking I can go up to 5K, amp and pre-amp. Jan 27, Messages: Thanks for the ideas, now my mind is spinning. The latest DD really doesn’t need the 4435 tweeter unless mice cats and dogs are present.

In no particular order, I would look at 1 the output voltage of your source; 2 the input impedance of your receiver; 3 the settings on your receiver; 4 all your connections; 5 your JBL speaker terminals; 6 your JBL L pads; and 7 your JBL biamp switches. You may want to pair them with an amp that has a “rolled off” top end to take some of the harshness out of the titanium diaphragms.

It’s really all about music. I bet it would be a great combination. Its a great read.

And remember, you need to double an amp’s output to gain just 3 dB in speaker volume SPLsso watts is only barely louder than or watts. Both speakers are designed as studio monitors, So think about that as it relates to your listening space. You could always stand the up on one end rotate the horn 90 degrees for a smaller floor foot print.